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Fiber optic internet will become twenty times faster in the coming years



Fiber optic internet

Fiber optic internet – The fiber optic network will be twenty times as fast as it is now in the coming years, KPN predicts. The company demonstrated an upload and download speed of 20 gigabits per second on Thursday.

Files and videos that can currently be downloaded in a minute can soon be downloaded within a few seconds. “Soon you will be able to download an entire series in three seconds,” said a KPN spokesperson during a demonstration of “the speed of the future”.

Fiber optic internet

The telecom group demonstrated an upload and download speed of almost 20 gigabits per second in a test on Thursday. Now the maximum speed is 1 gigabit per second.


According to KPN, such a high speed has never been seen before in the Netherlands. So it is technically possible now. In “the near future”, these high speeds will be available to consumers.

Time savings through higher internet speeds

KPN demonstrated the speed at a veterinary clinic in Rotterdam. The company chose this because veterinary medicine uses a relatively large amount of data. In addition, fast internet connections and cloud solutions play an increasingly important role in this sector.

“Think, for example, of MRI scans. These are heavy files, for which we would like to see a cloud solution. This allows veterinarians to assess scans from various locations. We would already benefit from higher internet speeds,” says Mark Holtkamp of the Rotterdam Caressa Dierenziekenhuis. .


KPN is busy building fiber optic networks in the Netherlands. The company says it has already installed fiber in almost half (46 percent) of the country. The fiber optic network will eventually replace the copper network, or the old-fashioned telephone line. (Fiber optic internet)


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Fiber optic internet

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