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Get to Know the Woman Behind the World's Largest Crypto Exchange

In early adulthood, Yi He left his birthplace to pursue a career in psychology in Beijing but quickly realized that his prospects were few. He said that people at that time were not interested in mental health. However, he developed the skills needed to communicate and interact, which became the basis for his breakthrough in 2012 when he auditioned for a Chinese tourism TV program and got the role.

After traveling around the country as a TV host, He met Star Xu, founder of Okcoin now known as OKEx in 2013, when Bitcoin was still trading at USD 1,100. Xu is looking for well-known influencers to promote the Okcoin brand.


After making a small profit from the Chinese stock bull market of 2006 to 2008, He became interested in the crypto space and, combining that with his TV hosting experience, accepted an offer to become vice president of Okcoin. Under He's leadership, Okcoin quickly became a leading exchange in mainland China.

It was at this time, Yi He also introduced his future partner, Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao to fulfill the role of chief technology officer at Okcoin. CZ reportedly had a tumultuous relationship with Okcoin's Xu, and in 2015 he had resigned from the company.

Additionally, Yi He apparently did not enjoy being caught in the crossfire and resigned that same year. For two years, Yi He was in and out of the tech industry and by 2017 he had developed the ambition to not only run a business in China but also a business with global influence.

At around the same time, CZ published his white paper envisioning a global crypto exchange, Binance, which he showed to He. Realizing that CZ was the only person in his network who had the skills and character to build an international exchange, Yi He immediately joined forces and co-founded Binance in June 2017.


Today, Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world, with daily volume of USD 36.5 billion and total assets of USD 134.6 billion. Although CZ is no longer involved in Binance's decision-making or operations, Yi He and current CEO Richard Teng have taken the reins and frequently share their views on the future of the crypto industry.

Get to Know the Woman Behind the World's Largest Crypto Exchange

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