James Webb captures newborn star-shaped celestial hourglass
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James Webb captures newborn star-shaped celestial hourglass

James Webb

James Webb – The American space agency NASA has released another beautiful image of the universe made by the James Webb space telescope. The image shows a kind of hourglass of orange and blue substances that are released from a newly formed star, which is located in the centre.

The colourful clouds are only visible in the infrared light and had never been seen before. The James Webb telescope has now made that possible with its infrared camera, NASA and the European space agency ESA reported on Wednesday.

James Webb

The young star L1527 itself is pictured in the dark behind a spinning disk of gas at the neck of the hourglass. At the top and bottom, the star’s light shoots outward, illuminating the hourglass-shaped clouds.

The star is only 100,000 years old, according to NASA. For cosmic standards, the star is only a baby in terms of age. The newborn celestial body is not yet able to generate its own energy.

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According to NASA, the image of the star offers a glimpse into what our sun and solar system looked like when they were in their infancy. The star is about 430 light-years from Earth and is in a nursery of hundreds of other newly formed stars. (James Webb)

The James Webb telescope is the most powerful space telescope ever and has been looking into the universe since July. In recent months, this has already resulted in numerous unique images from space.


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James Webb

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