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Netflix opens studio in Finland to start making games itself



Netflix opens studio in Finland

Netflix opens studio in Finland – Netflix has opened a game development studio in Finland. The as yet unnamed studio will make games that can be played via Netflix ‘ad-free and without in-app purchases’, according to the company.

It will take a while before the first games from the new studio appear. The development of games can take years, the company underlines.

Netflix has been offering the ability to play games since last November. This can be done via the Netflix app on smartphones and tablets.


Netflix opens studio in Finland to start making games itself

Just like movies and series, the available games can be played unlimited, free and without ads via Netflix. With the many other mobile games, gamers have to buy the game, pay through in-app purchases or by viewing ads.

Netflix thinks that gaming will become very important for streaming services in the future. “We see gaming as a new content category for us,” the service reported last year. “Just like our expansions to our own films, series and reality TV.”



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