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New game Overwatch 2 is plagued by ddos attacks



New game Overwatch 2

New game Overwatch 2 has to deal with ddos attacks. As a result, many people cannot yet play the shooting game released on Tuesday.

Players complain about long queues when logging in. Some gamers are unable to connect to the game’s servers at all. Game developer Activision Blizzard acknowledges the problems.

New game Overwatch 2 is plagued by ddos attacks

Game director Aaron Keller writes on Twitter that there have been multiple ddos attacks. “We are making steady progress on server issues and stability and are working to ward off a second DDO attack.” The studio says it works through the night to solve the problems.


Overwatch is a competitive shooting game that gets new characters, levels and challenges with updates. The first part of the game appeared in 2016, but has not been playable since the release of Overwatch 2.


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