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Rare pink diamond found in Angola: largest find in three hundred years



Rare pink diamond found in Angola

Rare pink diamond found in Angola – In Angola, miners have found a rare pink diamond. According to the operator of the mine, it is the largest find worldwide in three hundred years.

The diamond has been given the name The Lulo Rose and is therefore named after the mine where it was found.

According to the Lucapa Diamond Company, the Australian company that operates the mine in the African country, The Lulo Rose is of 170 carats. That is equivalent to a weight of about 34 grams. The diamond is of the type IIa. This means that it belongs to the purest species.


Rare pink diamond found in Angola

The Lulo Rose will be sold at an international auction. The government of Angola is involved as a partner in the discovery of the pink diamond and will therefore benefit from the sale.

To determine the exact value, the diamond must be cut and cut. In that process, half the weight can be lost.

The most expensive pink diamond sold to date is the Pink Star. That diamond is made of 59.6 carats and was auctioned in 2017 for 71 million dollars.



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Rare pink diamond found in Angola

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