SpaceX allowed to place receiving dishes on moving vehicles in the US
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SpaceX allowed to place receiving dishes on moving vehicles in the US


SpaceX – Space company SpaceX has received permission to place Starlink receiving dishes on moving vehicles in the United States, reports the American telecom authority FCC Thursday. This allows the company to place dishes on, for example, cars, boats or planes.

Now that the FCC has given permission, SpaceX can work on a new kind of dish that can connect to Starlink satellites along the way.

The telecom authority has given the same permission to satellite company Kepler Communications. It is not known when the new dishes from Starlink should become available.

“Allowing a new kind of antenna for SpaceX’s satellite system will expand the range of broadband capabilities,” the FCC writes. “There’s a growing demand from users who need to connect while on the go, whether it’s driving a camper across the country or on a flight by plane.”

SpaceX allowed to place receiving dishes on moving vehicles in the US

The Starlink dishes that are now available must remain in a fixed place to access the system. However, customers can use the Portability option, which has been available since last month, for a fee.

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This allows them to take their reception dish with them and connect to the Internet from anywhere.

Starlink works via a large network of satellites in space. Users purchase a hardware kit from the company for 639 euros and receive, among other things, a dish to receive the internet.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk came up with the service to give remote areas of Earth stable access to the internet.


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