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Tesla electric truck – The American food company PepsiCo has taken delivery of the very first Tesla Semi truck. The electric truck can drive about 800 kilometers on a full battery.

Tesla electric truck

PepsiCo, the maker of Pepsi and Lay’s chips, among others, has received the first copy of the truck. In August, Tesla boss Elon Musk had already announced that the trucks would be delivered this year. In October, the company reported that production of the truck had started.

The Semi is equipped with three electric motors. During acceleration, the three engines are used at the same time. Once the desired speed is reached, one engine keeps the vehicle moving. According to Tesla, this makes the electricity consumption of the truck very efficient.

The consumption of the Semi is around 2 kWh of electricity per kilometer. That’s similar to what a tumble dryer consumes in about an hour of power. If the truck slows down or descends a hill, energy is recovered. This technique is called regenerative braking.


Tesla is still very secretive about Semi

Although the truck is now going to the first customers, Tesla still hasn’t made many details public. For example, the company has not yet told what the storage capacity of the battery pack is. The weight of the truck is also not known. Tesla also does not communicate sales prices.

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Tesla unveiled the electric truck in November 2017 and then said that the selling price would be 200,000 dollars (almost 191,000 euros). At the time, electric trucks were still unique, but now the car manufacturer has competition from Volvo, among others.

PepsiCo has ordered a total of one hundred Tesla Semi-trucks. The company wants to start using the first fifteen trucks this year. In addition, retail chain Wal-Mart and food distributor Sysco, among others, have also ordered trucks from Tesla.


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Tesla electric truck
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