VPN providers: India postpones stricter rules for VPN providers for three months
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VPN providers: India postpones stricter rules for VPN providers for three months

VPN providers

VPN providers – India is giving VPN companies three months more time to comply with new rules on storing customer data, TechCrunch reported Tuesday.

A VPN (virtual private network) allows users to connect to the Internet anonymously. This is often done via a server in another country.

At the end of June, new rules would take effect in India that would oblige VPN providers to store customer data, such as names, IP addresses, email addresses and payments.

However, the providers do not want to go along with that. Among other things, they believe that they can no longer protect the privacy of their customers in this way.

Several popular VPN companies are therefore moving their servers away from India, including the well-known NordVPN.

VPN providers: India postpones stricter rules for three months

According to India, VPN providers need more time to meet the new requirements. The new rules are now due to take effect on 25 September.

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