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5 habits that will drive you to be a better entrepreneur

Opening a business in Mexico can be more complex than it seems, there are many circumstances that can be overcome along the way, from the lack of public policies, inflation, difficult access to credit, etc. In fact, speaking of optimal conditions for starting a business, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor pointed out that Mexico obtained a rating of 3.8 with which it falls 14 positions compared to 2021.

Despite the difficulties, the Mexican entrepreneur continues to adapt to the market in search of new business opportunities, since the 45% of entrepreneurs have had a company that previously failed, as mentioned in the Radiografía del Emprendimiento en México published by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (Asem).

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Getting up from a failure and starting again has a very high value, learn from what was not done well It is important, but changing your habits will be the key to success, as Joshua Aguilar mentions in his book entitled Diario Emprendedor.

“If you cultivate good habits, your dreams will come true, otherwise it is very likely that you will never see them come true. Highly successful people rise to the top as a result of their habits. Everything you become tomorrow will be determined by the quality of your habits today.

Within the framework of World Entrepreneurship Day, which is celebrated on April 16, the author shares five habits that entrepreneurs can apply consolidated and those that are starting for the business to be successful.

1. The habit of prudence

Successful entrepreneurs know the value and importance of taking care of their money, this habit consists of be careful with each weight that you have in your pocket, this is how Joshua describes it in his book.


“Rich people don’t waste money and never invest their own money, but instead use debt to leverage themselves. They avoid wasting on things that impoverish them and as Robert Kiyosaki mentions, the rich indulge in luxuries when they are rich, not before”.

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2. The habit of saving to invest

We have all been taught how important it is to save, but the key is not only to save money, because money is made for you to work, not to rest.

“People who decide to save to make investments choose the best type of risk that exists, the prudent risk. Keep cultivating the habit of saving, but use it to make investmentsthat can make your personal finances grow”, indicates Joshua Aguilar.

3. The habit of planning

Many people have the feeling that the 24 hours that you have a day are not enough to do all your activities, this is because you are not distributing in an orderly manner. successful entrepreneurs they plan everything they do.


“Many entrepreneurs have trouble falling asleep at night because their ideas or problems do not stop fluttering in their minds. You can solve it by making a list of ideas, and even having an agenda next to your bed to write down your purposes and plans. Planning will activate all your ideas and the discipline to carry them out will bring you closer to your goals”, says Joshua.

4. The habit of humility

The author comments that humility is capable of opening doors that pride cannot and is capable of making a person more attractive, charismatic and wise. Humility is aware that they do not know everything, so they are inquisitive, quick to listen and learn new things.

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“If you work on your humility you will have enough wisdom to recognize the value of others and to accept your own mistakes. Humility will allow you to discover what your weak points are, work on them and therefore become a better leader.

5. The habit of integrity

Being an honest person, who complies, who does not cheat, will not only help you achieve success, it will also provide you with what is necessary to be a better leader.


“The core of integrity is the truth, it must be the banner of your life and the truth your shield. tell the truth always and in all the situations of your life, in this way you will take care of your good name and you will be destined to be an enormously happy person”, concluded Joshua.

5 habits that will drive you to be a better entrepreneur

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5 habits that will drive you to be a better entrepreneur

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