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Alpha generation: How to connect with the customers of tomorrow?

The alpha generation, those who were born after 2010 and who live in a fully digitized context, will be the new consumers, so it is important to know their tastes, preferences and define a marketing strategy to conquer thembecause connecting with audiences is essential to position a brand

The people of this generation will be the future customers and it is necessary to get to know them and begin to define a marketing strategy focused on them.


“Although we see them as very young, exposure to the Internet has made them consume content from a very young age, They are increasingly aware of what they want in terms of products and services, and knowing how to take advantage of it in time represents an opportunity for brands”, highlights Alejandra Martin Carrión, director of marketing and strategy at SAMY Alliance.

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The specialist points out that this generation is known for its ability to use technology and for being influenced by advertising on-lineTherefore, it is important to understand what brands can do to win over these consumers and create ties with them.

Although traditional advertising can work with this generation, it is important adapt to their interests and behaviors to achieve strategic impact.

“We are no longer talking about a simple ad on YouTube or TikTok, we must know how to speak on their own terms if we do not want to be seen as boring adults, at the end of the day, they are our consumers and those who now demand that their parents buy our brands, and soon they will start acquiring them themselves,” Martin said.


Keys to conquer them

The specialist describes six keys in which companies must pay particular attention to strategically impact the alpha generation.

  1. Use digital platforms: This generation was born with technology and uses platforms as a fundamental part of their lives. In order to reach them, you have to know how to select the right networks, such as YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, which are the most popular among the alpha generation.
  2. Create compelling content: People of this generation are selective about the quality and relevance of the content they consume. You can choose to share interactive games, funny and educational videos or memes, any content that helps them develop skills and knowledge.
  3. Make educational and fun advertising: This generation is curious and loves to learn new things, so advertising that teaches them something new will be well received. Also, it needs to be fun and entertaining to grab their attention and hold their interest.
  4. Talk to them through influencers: These types of ambassadors have a great presence on digital platforms and are like friends of the alpha generation, which makes them very influential characters in their lives.
  5. Be authentic and transparent: this generation is very astute and will not tolerate misleading advertising, so it is important that brands are authentic and transparent in their advertising. Be clear about the products and services you offer and share how your company can help them in their day to day.
  6. Make advertising accessible and inclusive: it is important that advertising is accessible and inclusive, and reflects the diversity of society.
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By following these tips, your brand will be able to impact the taste of the alpha generation and remain among their preferences. “Being present in their lives is a seed that has to be planted now so that it grows and bears fruit in the medium term,” the specialist concluded.

Alpha generation: How to connect with the customers of tomorrow?

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Alpha generation: How to connect with the customers of tomorrow?

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