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From Mexico to the world, the restaurant that takes tacos everywhere through crowdfunding

The trips are comforting, they allow us to know new cultures, people and to expand our gastronomy; however, Mexicans tend to miss food, particularly tacos. This situation was experienced by Samuel Salinas, who, while traveling in Spain and Paraguay, decided to try tacos and found that the seasoning was nowhere near Mexican.

Given this experience, he decided to create his own taco restaurant and a system that would allow the dish to be taken anywhere in the world, in a professional and organized manner.

With a investment of 90,000 euros, Samuel and his partner Roger Antelo opened the first branch of No Mames Wey, NMW for the most conservative, on September 15, 2022 in Spain.


The entrepreneur comments that the name of the taco shop came to Roger and they adopted it because it is a word widely used by Mexicans and known worldwide.

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Taste of Mexico

To achieve the traditional flavor of Mexico, the entrepreneurs created a production center to make stews and tortillas. In addition, they work with a lot of imported inputs, such as chili peppers and national brands such as Jarritos, José Cuervo and Corona.

In the case of stews, “we control the entire production process, from the moment the basic input, which is veal, beef and chicken, comes out, we do the seasoning and seasoning at the production center, with Mexican recipes and supervised by Mexican chefs. This is how a standard is achieved.”

However, the cymbals also have a level of tropicalizationto suit the palate of Europeans and Americans, “but the essence of the taco is maintained.”



The company has 16 branches, Distributed in Europe and the United States (Florida). The idea is to reach 30 branches in June and expand to Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Portugal.

The first branch will arrive in Mexico in May and will be located in Guadalajaraand although it is the birthplace of tacos, Samuel believes that the seasoning and business model will allow it to compete with local tacos.

“It is almost impossible to find a bad taco in Mexico, in that sense we know that we have a lot of competition, what sets us apart is the concept, the taco shops are places where you feel a very special atmosphereIt is a place to have a good time; the decoration and setting will generate an enveloping atmosphere”, she highlights.

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The business model also provides more efficient processes, more controlled hygiene, standardization of prices, dishes and stews. “Offer a standardized experience for everyone in all the branches we have; good price, taste and a restaurant standard”.


Crowdfunding and tokens

The opening of NMW franchises has been thanks to two forms of investment; crowdfunding and digital tokenWell, with these investment options, anyone, anywhere in the world can invest in a taco restaurant.

If a person in Mexico City wants to invest in a taquería in Europe, they can do it”.

The investment goes from 70,000 and 90,000 pesos, with staggered yields that start from 15 to 25%, on the sales that the premises have. Each branch has plaques with the names of the people who contributed capital, which on average are 10 and 20.

“The investor we are looking for can be anyone who has the budget, who is looking to diversify their investment portfolio.”


Samuel specifies that by means of a digital token people can also invest in the business. With this form of cryptocurrency investment, some branches of Las Vegas, Colombia and Spain.

A token was recently launched for the London region, where it is looking to open 15 outlets in the south of England.

Every business carries its risk, but the restaurant already has its metrics established, it is not a new model. The investment is supported by machinery and supplies, which if there is a need to transfer the premises helps to mitigate the investment, or the loss”.

However, NMW has a non-break modelwhere before closing the business it is relocated, to try a better location.


“The Investors have a voice and vote in the decisions that are made In continuous improvement, it has an assistance platform where you can give suggestions for improvement and access to the daily cash closing reports and quarterly you receive the returns that your branch has generated. These models allow the investor to get more involved and to be able to monitor the progress, progress and continuous improvement of the premises”.

From Mexico to the world, the restaurant that takes tacos everywhere through crowdfunding

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From Mexico to the world, the restaurant that takes tacos everywhere through crowdfunding
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