Mist Detective

The pixel puzzle “Mist Detective” is confirmed to be available on NS and PS4/5 platforms

Mist Detective – Pixel puzzle game “Mist Detective” NS and PS4/5 new platform version are confirmed to be released in February 2023, “Mist Detective” is a side-scrolling pixel story puzzle game where players take on the role of a private detective and partner Little Black Cat to investigate cases in the futuristic world of cyberpunk….

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the fall guys game

“Fall Guys” × Disney’s “Full House” linkage skin display promotional video

The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Disney’s 3D animated film Full House of Magic is currently active, allowing players to purchase three sets of Fall Guys limited skins for characters from the anime in the Skin Store. Official introduction: Disney’s “Full House”, with wonderful magic and singing Maliga family, is about to land in “Jelly…

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Grand Knights

The market performance of “Grand Knights”

Grand Knights – a new batch of domestic game version numbers and imported game version numbers were issued, among the many noteworthy large factory products, “Sword and Knights” represented by Lingxi Interactive Entertainment was prominently listed, which also made Ali Games gain another “treasure” in the domestic market. Grand Knights “Sword and Knights”, that is,…

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