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Japan open to tourists – Foreign tourists are allowed to enter Japan again after a period of two years from 10 June. However, there are strict conditions attached to this. For example, you are only allowed to enter the country if you are continuously accompanied by a guide, reports the Japanese tourist office.

The Asian country experienced one of the strictest lockdowns during the corona crisis, with strict requirements for those who wanted to enter the country. Now that the pandemic seems to be over, the country wants to rekindle tourism by relaxing entry rules.

You can’t really call the rules flexible. Those who want to travel in the country may for the time being only do so with an organized trip, in which a guide is constantly present. Traveling independently through the country with, for example, a backpack is not yet possible.

The Japanese guide must, among other things, check whether the travelers are wearing a face mask. Not only in buildings or the tour bus, but also in the open air, travelers sometimes have to keep their mouth masks on. In addition, tourists are obliged to take out insurance that covers medical expenses.

Switching record: health insurance traded in masse due to loss of discount

At a later date, Japan will probably relax the rules. (Japan open to tourists)

In 2019, the last year before the pandemic, 31.9 million foreign tourists came to Japan. With this, the country earned 4.81 trillion yen (about 34 billion euros).

Japan open to tourists, but only with guide, insurance and face mask


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