June 24, 2022
Cabinet wants more transparency about health insurance

Cabinet wants more transparency about health insurance

Cabinet wants more transparency about health insurance

Cabinet wants more transparency about health insurance, Health insurers that offer so-called collectivities must now clearly show on which policy they are based and what this policy costs. Minister Bruno Bruins (Public Health) announced this on Thursday.

For example, it must become clear to consumers whether the discounts with which health insurers advertise are really discounts.

The Netherlands has no less than 51,000 collectivities. In that case, insurers offer a specific group of consumers a package. The idea behind it is that it is advantageous to purchase targeted care. This benefit is passed on to the insured in the form of a discount. They may receive a maximum of 10 percent discount.

But according to Bruins, that advantage is not achieved at all when purchasing and collectivities are offered ‘at a discount’, while the package is actually as expensive as the basic insurance on which it is based.

The Dutch Healthcare Authority will now oblige providers to make clear on which of the 55 basic insurances a collectivity is based. This way, consumers can see whether there is really a discount. The maximum discount is also limited. Insurers may then no longer give a 10 percent discount, but a maximum of 5 percent.


Health insurers in the Netherlands says they take the call of the minister and regulators to heart. The organization thinks it is good if insurers provide more clarity about the policy offer and added value of individual policies.

The organization does point out that the policy offer is the responsibility of the individual health insurers and that it is up to them to work on it. The trade association wants to discuss this with the ministry.

Cabinet wants more transparency about health insurance


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