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Cryptocurrencies are again the bets of investors in the United States after a reduction of US$ 2 trillion in value



1680046785 Cryptocurrencies are again the bets of investors in the United

Investors at two of the world’s largest financial institutions, BlackRock and Fidelity Investments, are returning to buy cryptocurrencies across the board, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Institutions have an estimated $14 trillion already actively planned under their management and are making this investment even as the current cryptocurrency winter has knocked nearly $2 trillion off their value in the industry.

The chief executive of the BlackRock asset manager, Larry Fink, explained how the institution will make the investment and justified their action as well, “At BlackRock, we continue to explore the digital asset ecosystem, especially the areas most relevant to our clients, such as blockchains and tokenization of stocks and bonds.”. The executive also clarified the current situation of creating new projects, “very interesting projects are happening in the digital asset space”. It is noteworthy that this asset manager is considered the largest in the world.


Asset manager Fidelity Investments opened its trading platform in digital assets without charging a commission from its 37 million users, when they buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

The digital asset manager will invest in cryptocurrencies in the market (Photo: Reproduction / Adobe Stock)

This action by investors can be seen as courageous on their part, since at the end of last year there was a market crisis that resulted in its “collapse” due to interest rates in the United States and Europe being under an upward eye. Not to mention the monetary policy situation, which is still suffocated. However, there was a recovery in crypto asset prices in the first quarter of 2023, which must have contributed to the current bets..


Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin’s value has grown by an average of 70%, as traders get ready for a possible comeback from the Federal Reserve bank, which could help push Ethereum’s price up as well.

With all these investments and crises at the same time, there are observers who analyze the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto market, and they predict the Bitcoin halving, which represents a movement that occurs when new digital currencies in the process of being created, have half of the cut-off flow as a possible catalyst for the next rise in Bitcoin’s value.

Featured photo: Cryptocurrencies will gain investment from two financial institutions. Reproduction/Freepik.


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Cryptocurrencies are again the bets of investors in the United States after a reduction of US$ 2 trillion in value

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