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Customers get more time to redeem old Air Miles

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Customers get more time to redeem old Air Miles, Air Miles gives customers an extra month to use their ‘old’ Air Miles. People can redeem their Air Miles older than five years until December 1.

The company that does the communication about the Air Miles, let Monday know that this has been decided because savers in recent weeks massively wanted to redeem their points.

As a result, it is very busy on the website and at the Air Miles customer service. Last weekend, the site appeared to have become unstable due to the large influx of customers who wanted to redeem their loyalty points.

In principle, all loyalty points collected by customers before 1 November 2013 would expire on 1 November 2013. Before the weekend, the counter stood at 1.8 billion Air Miles that can expire. These loyalty points are owned by 540,000 savers.

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On Sunday, the website was unreachable all day due to the influx of people who wanted to redeem their Air Miles.

Customers get more time to redeem old Air Miles


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Customers get more time to redeem old Air Miles

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