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Pineapple woman says her husband left the house – Queen of the battery of Academicos de Niterói, from the Ouro Series, claims that she forgot part of her costume at home

Pineapple woman

The truck driver, businesswoman and influencer Marcela Porto, better known as the Pineapple Woman, revealed on her social networks that her husband left home after she paraded with her breasts out on Friday (17), in Sapucaí.

Queen of the battery of Academicos de Niterói, from the Ouro Series in Rio de Janeiro, Marcela said that she decided to go topless on the avenue after forgetting part of her costume at home. 

“I had two options: I didn’t go out or I went out without the part of my costume that covered my breasts. I left. I didn’t let my husband know before because he was going to try not to let me on the parade. My friends told me not to let him know, continue with a bathrobe and just take it off on the avenue. I took it off and didn’t look at him anymore, if it wasn’t going to break the mood. The next day he was gone, “he said.

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“If he has to come back, that’s fine. If he doesn’t come back, what to do? Life goes on So, women, don’t stop doing anything for a man. It’s not worth it”, added the Pineapple Woman, who has been married for seven years.

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Pineapple woman

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Pineapple woman
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