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BBB23 – A curiosity about Marvvila revealed by her in a conversation with Ricardo on “ BBB23 ”, on TV Globo, is that she has an extra finger on her hand, as it is common in her family to be born with (a malformation that features more than five fingers on the hand).


Still, she even vented that the condition is a nuisance to her, and that she tried to remove her little finger before the reality show. However, in conversation with Gshow, Cláudia Bonfim Freire , the singer’s mother, said that she herself gets along with it, but revealed that the pagodeira about bullying in adolescence.

“In the case of my family, I have it, my three children have it, my sister has it, her seven children have it. For me, it is very calm because the doctor ties this finger when it is born and it falls off. It is a finger that has a nail, but no bone”, explained the matriarch.


‘So, the doctor removes it when it is born, it’s just like a wart. So, for me, it’s very peaceful, for my sister too. It’s not for her, because she got a bigger wart. Mine is very small, you can barely see it. The older brother’s also got a little bigger, so they were always embarrassed,” she continued. (BBB23)

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“She always felt ashamed, she didn’t want to take it off just for the BBB, no. Since she was a young girl, she wore a ring to cover it, looked for a ring that covered it and got desperate when she lost the ring that covered her little finger. She was always ashamed, she would put the ring on top”, said Marvvila’s mother.


Victor Hugo , Marvvila’s brother, confirmed that the issue of the artist with the little finger is due to Bullying in high school, and the impacts form such sizes that the sister is afraid of her children being born with the same condition.

“Marvvila is very afraid that her son will have it too. She always talked about it, that she doesn’t want the child to have. She was here talking to my kids about it, asking if they minded. They told that they were very mocked and, therefore, comes the shame”, said Cláudia.


“But they never talked about it with me, because they felt ashamed of something so silly and me going there to fight at school and them being even more teased. Marvvila is the same”, he added.

Victor Hugo recalled the time of bullying, which only arrived in high school, because in childhood it was calm: “In adolescence, people made fun of me. When I was a little kid, no one even made fun of it, they just thought it was weird. But teasing, teasing happened when I was a teenager, at school”.

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