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BBB 23: ‘False’, ‘sound’ and ‘cowards’. Game of Discord shatters friendships



BBB 23 2

BBB 23 – This Monday’s Game of Discord, February 6, was a classic BBB23 dynamic . The participants had to give adjectives to their rivals, who kept the plaques on their foreheads. Each was entitled to two defects for each of the rivals.

BBB 23

And the program invaded the early hours of Tuesday, February 7th once again. Of course, the jokes about the fact that Tadeu Schmidt had to stand were also joked by the public. Names like “cowards”, “fake”, “cowardly” and “sly” were some of the words that the participants used against each other.

At the end of the day, the three walled up were the most cited in the dynamic, with five plaques each. Despite titles even for the “plants”, there were people who did not even show up on the BBB night. Sarah , Key , Gustavo , Fred , Bruna , Domitila and Mc Guimê did not receive any adjectives in the game. The question that remains is: are they loved by everyone or are they not seen by their colleagues?


Gabriel said that Ricardo is “gross”. “He himself thinks he expresses himself badly. He goes beyond the point, sometimes he cannot express himself very well and ends up expressing himself badly!”, declared the actor. “It was really bad on my part, I think people already understood!”, countered the biodoctor.

The walled-up man also said that Paula is a son of a bitch. “She wants to be on good terms with everyone, to be friends with everyone. I don’t know if that’s a strategy or it’s the same”, pointed out the brother.

BBB 23

Cezar said that Aline is a “dead fly”. “She is a person who, within the game, seeks neutrality a lot. She gets along with everyone and doesn’t face an indisposition situation. As she gets along with everyone, she ends up being nobody’s target, “criticized the nurse.

The brother also said that Ricardo considers himself the “Owner of the House”. “He has no idea, he eats food in a very large volume, even in front of his colleagues. It’s a constant complaint.”


Tina said Shoeface is a “liar”. “I’m not a person that I’m a priority for him,” she justified her. The walled also said that Marvvila is “weak” in the game. “We have to find a way to position ourselves here inside the house”, she argued.

Amanda stated that Gabriel was “a coward” when he referred her to Paredão. “I feel that he already has friction with other people, but at the time he decided to take a group attitude at a time when the attitude was his exclusively”, justified the doctor.

BBB 23

BBB 23

She also said that Fred Nicácio is “poisonous”, for trying to create friction between his sister and Bruna Griphao .

Larissa stated that Cristian is “poisonous”. “Yesterday, he left the room and came back saying he can’t stand the ‘Good vibes’ room, talking about his own game allies. Several situations I’ve seen him talking bad about his own groupmates ”, she detonated. The teacher also said that Paula is sly. “This thing of being in a room, being in another, sounds like something that is bothering me”, justified the sister.

BBB 23

Mc Guimê said that Cezar Black is “a coward”. “I in his position, with his attitudes, would feel like a coward. In conversations with him, which I was quoted, he said things that, for me, were calm, but when other people say that they do not agree with other attitudes, he is a coward with himself”, he pointed out. The nurse countered: “We went in pairs, we left for a group and today there are really things I avoid doing on behalf of the group”.

The funk artist also said that Gabriel Santana is “sound”. “I don’t see the need to see your game, but just like you said about Paulinha, I think you try to be friends with everyone”, he declared.

BBB 23

Ricardo said that Cezar Black is a “dead fly”. “You lie to yourself and when you lie to yourself, you are dead, finished”, justified the Sergipe man. “I really think about reviewing this thing about playing in a group. I feel a big weight on my back for not being able to make decisions alone”, replied the brother. The biomedical also said that Gabriel Santana is sly. “You pretend, you run away, you’re always soaping, leaving to the side”, he pointed out.

Aline Wirley stated that Cezar Black is “weak”. She stated that the brother’s game is “repetitive, lukewarm, weak, really bad”. “There is no one who can take the same eternal excuses anymore”, concluded the sister. The sister kept the term “sleep” in Gabriel Santana : “Be responsible for what you do, not for what you believe”.

Sapato Face followed Amanda ‘s argument about her brother’s “poisonous” game. “Even knowing that Bruna was shaken by the situation, you planted poison in her heart”, she accused. He further stated that Tina is “gross”. “You already had many rude attitudes with me and with people in the whole house”, she pointed out.


Bruno followed with “Venenoso” on Fred Nicácio . “Why don’t you throw the naughty jokes in my face? It doesn’t even have context. You use that meanness to throw me on the fire in my group, but that doesn’t stick! The brother also said that Marvvila is weak. “I think you’re weak at the game. You only show at parties. You should be on ‘Dance of the Famous’, which is just like you”, pondered the participant. “I’m not just a pretty ass that knows how to shake”, countered the singer.

Cristian stated that Larissa is “poisonous”. “I really don’t agree with some things in my group”, justified the brother when responding to the sister’s attacks, who used the same term against him. The brother followed the adjective “gross” in Tina . “Go to Paredão and then you can talk to me!”, countered the model after accusations by the gaucho about the discussion with Gustavo the night before.

Marvvila said that Bruno is “unbearable”. “I find your way of putting ready-made sentences unbearable! You try to seal it all the time”, accused the sister. She also called Tina “gross”.

Paula said Gabriel is a “hypocrite”. “When he brings up that I’m sleeping in the bedroom, it gets tiring for me to say that it’s a place where I feel comfortable sleeping,” she said about the actor. She also said that Larissa is “gross”.


Sarah stated that Cristian is weak. “You didn’t know how to express your dissatisfaction with our team. This becomes cowardly, even because you say this to the other group, ”she declared. She also weighed in on Bruno ‘s game . The sister defended that the brother is “sleep”.

Fred said that Cezar is “sleep”, because he didn’t realize that the game is already individual and, therefore, he must move more to see the dynamics. He also said that Cristian is “cheating”. “Domitila came from a very difficult week, she had just returned from a Paredão, from three weeks in the xepa, from a torsion. I love to play, but I can’t leave the human side aside”, added the journalist.

Domitila said that Cristian is a traitor. “I never talked behind your back about you. Even when it was you and me, when it was the two of us to return from Paredão, I tried to hug you, ”she said. She stated that Ricardo is the “Owner of the House”, because of the conflicts that his brother has caused in recent days.


Gustavo pointed out that Tina is “rude”, mainly because of the conflict they both had the night before. He even said that Bruno is a “weak” person. “You don’t have an opinion of him. He’s always ‘going with the crowd,’” justified the cowboy.

Key stated that Ricardo is the “Owner of the House”: “That’s what I think you are. You are too spacious. We talk, dance, but it’s details that bother me”. She even said that Tina is weak in the game. “I’ve never seen her move in the game,” she pointed out.


Bruna said that Fred Nicácio is a “hypocrite”. “When he came back from the fake Paredão, I felt that he really wanted to protect me, but it leaves me very confused, after a punch, he welcomes me… And that leaves me confused. In this case, the player side speaks louder. When I tell a person that I care about them, I worry about taking care of them”, argued the sister.

She also said that Cezar Black is weak. “With the information out, you let it get to you too much. I don’t see a problem with you identifying with someone from the other group, “she pointed out.

Once again, Fred Nicácio ended the game. He said that Amanda is a “dead fly”. “You can show your voice, because you have it”, justified the doctor. Group member “Fundo do Mar” said that Bruno is a weak person in the game.

BBB 23

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BBB 23
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