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Camilla de Lucas – In the early hours of Saturday, April 30th, for this Sunday, May 1st, the parade of the champion samba schools of the 2022 Carnival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro took place, and several famous people returned to Sapucaí to watch the parades or even samba on the avenue.

Camilla de Lucas

This was the case of Camilla de Lucas , who performed the samba on Avenida Grande Rio, the association that was the great champion of Carnival 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, which almost reached the maximum score during the calculation last Tuesday, April 26.

The “BBB21” runner-up was wearing a silver look with details of colored jewelry on her body, as well as matching heels in the same style. Still, she had props on her back that the feathers contained different colors, such as yellow, red, purple and blue.

One of the keys to understanding the orisha Exu is garbage. And it is in Gramacho, in Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense, where garbage is a symbol of recycling and survival, that Exu is present in all his complexity.


The orixá is not the beginning, it is not the end, it is transformation, as explained by carnival designer Leonardo Bora, who, with carnival designer Gabriel Haddad, wanted to promote a big party on the avenue to praise the orixá

"The Kashmir Files" did not get the Filmfare Award

Grande Rio spoke of the energy of the Exus that comes from Africa and arrives in Brazil and is transformed into different energies. From market exchanges, from contemporary arts. That energy is in music, in everyday life.

Two aspects of black ancestry, the homage of the samba school and the respectful universe of the terreiros where the ogãs play the sacred atabaques Rum, Pi and Le, the touch of Exu.

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Camilla de Lucas