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Crypto is not just about investment, there are other uses, Jakarta – The crypto asset industry has experienced significant growth and is starting to change people's investing habits. Although still in its infancy, crypto assets and technology blockchain could soon become a fundamental part of the future. Therefore, crypto education and literacy have become the need of the hour.

According to research entitled “Where Are People Most Stressed About the State of Crypto?” Indonesia is on the list of the top three countries with high levels of stress related to crypto in the Southeast Asia region.


The reason is because 19.29% of tweets about crypto originating from Indonesia contain stressful sentiments. Singapore and Malaysia occupy the first and second positions with percentages of 24.18% and 20.89% respectively.

Based on this research, it is proven that the volatility of the crypto market and the lack of investment education make this instrument full of pressure. Lack of crypto education makes investors make inappropriate decisions, so they usually end up with somewhat worse performance than previously thought.

Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Development and Development Bureau (Bappebti), Tirta Karma Senjaya, explained that education about crypto offers many benefits.

There are several key reasons why investing in proper crypto education is becoming increasingly important. He emphasized that lack of education is a factor inhibiting crypto adoption.


“Crypto assets are not just about investment, because this industry needs new talent who understands blockchain and crypto and have special technological skills,” said Tirta in the discussion panel on Safe Investment in the Digital Era: Crypto Asset Strategy and Regulation in Jakarta, quoted Thursday (23/5/2024).

Tirta added that the main goal is to build a large crypto asset investment community with adoption felt by all parties. All of this starts with education and literacy.

“Bappebti continues to strengthen regulations and form a crypto asset ecosystem in Indonesia consisting of an Exchange, Clearing, Depository. “This ecosystem is expected to create a reasonable and fair crypto asset trading climate in healthy competition,” he explained.

In addition, there is a Crypto Asset Committee which will play a role in encouraging industry guidance and development. Bappebti noted that the value of crypto transactions in Indonesia in April 2024 reached IDR 52.26 trillion.

Meanwhile the number of crypto investors in Indonesia has increased. As of April 2024, there were 20.16 million crypto investors, an increase of around 410,000 people or an increase of 2.08% compared to March 2024 when there were 19.75 million people.


Disclaimer: Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

Crypto is not just about investment, there are other uses

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