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Does Frank Grillo join the DCU?: Strong rumors ensure that the Captain America actor joins the Batman universe

Strong rumors claim that MCU actor Frank Grillo will join the DCU as a major villain. We tell you everything that is known here!

DCU Cricket

To the surprise of many, a former actor from the mcu, Frank Grillois the protagonist of several rumors that ensure that he will be part of the DCU of James Gunn as a major villain of Batman. At the moment, it’s just a rumor so we have to take it with a grain of salt, but Cricket would be in charge of interpreting the Doctor Phosphorus.

His participation would be in the animated miniseries of HBO, Creature Commandoswhich is part of DCU that Gunn and peter safran introduced earlier this year. One of the people who confirmed the rumor did so through Twitter and even tagged Gunn to say if it was true or not. However, neither the director nor DC Studios came out to confirm or deny the fact.

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DCU cricket Does Frank Grillo join the DCU

Creature Commandos was one of the few projects that was announced when the first chapter of the new DCU, Gods and Monsters. At the moment, there is not much official information about this miniseries, it was only revealed that it was inspired by the comic of the same name. In it, we see a fictional group of superhuman soldiers who are part of the Project M and are specialized in experimental biotechnology and necromancy.

Maybe the participation of Cricket is not confirmed, but in a recent interview the actor revealed that he is about to make the jump from Marvel to DC. When she commented on it, he explained that he made the decision because that universe’s franchise was slowly dying. Cricket first appeared in the mcu in 2014 with Captain America: Winter Soldierwhere he played the antagonist brock rumlow. He returned as the character on several occasions, such as in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame and What If..?

DCU cricket

Another reason why Cricket also made the jump was because his last participations in the mcu they were just minor cameos. “They never told the story of the character,” commented in an interview. “The mythology of mcu and what Marvel he has in mind for his characters is very deep. Crossbones was only there for a minute, but it was supposed to be longer, and then they went in the direction you see.”. But Cricket You won’t have to worry about this anymore as you are now part of the DCUwhere it seems that he is more comfortable. Creature Commandos will come to HBO Max in the near future and we will have to wait for his cast to be confirmed to know if he really Cricket will play Doctor Phosphorus.

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Does Frank Grillo join the DCU?: Strong rumors ensure that the Captain America actor joins the Batman universe

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Does Frank Grillo join the DCU?: Strong rumors ensure that the Captain America actor joins the Batman universe
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