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Facebook and Instagram remove messages from users who offer help in obtaining abortion pills, reports the American news agency AP.

Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has abolished the nationwide right to abortion, users of Facebook and Instagram are offering to send the pills to people who (soon) will no longer be able to perform an abortion.

However, they find that these posts are quickly deleted by the platforms. A journalist from the news agency, who decided to put it to the test and offered abortion pills on Facebook, also saw that a message was deleted within a minute.

Facebook and Instagram delete posts about abortion pills

The journalist then received a warning from the platform for posting the message, which, according to Facebook, violated its terms of use in the area of “weapons, animals and other regulated goods”.


However, when the journalist shared the same message but replaced the word “abortion pills” with “weapon,” the post was not immediately removed. A similar message in which the journalist offered to send weed was even allowed to remain.

A spokesperson for parent company Meta says in a response that the sale of certain goods, such as weapons, alcohol, drugs and medicines, on the platform is prohibited. According to the news agency, Meta has not explained why the enforcement of this policy has

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Facebook and Instagram delete posts about abortion pillsbeen tightened.


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