The market performance of “Grand Knights”

Grand Knights

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Grand Knights – a new batch of domestic game version numbers and imported game version numbers were issued, among the many noteworthy large factory products, “Sword and Knights” represented by Lingxi Interactive Entertainment was prominently listed, which also made Ali Games gain another “treasure” in the domestic market.

Grand Knights

Grand Knights
The market performance of "Grand Knights" 6

“Sword and Knights”, that is, “Gran Saga” developed by South Korean company Npixel, has been launched in November 2021. During the announcement period, this Japanese MMORPG was dubbed the “Korean version of Genshin”, and the excellent opening revenue performance of Japanese and Hanbok also proved the quality of the games produced by Npixel.

However, the beginning is only the beginning, and the performance of the work overseas has not become a long-term top work like Genshin. Since the launch of Hanbok in early 2021, it has remained at the top of the iOS best-selling list for 5 months, and then has declined all the way and stabilized to around the 200 rankings.

Grand Knights

Grand Knights
The market performance of "Grand Knights" 7

The same is true for Japanese servers, which have not lasted long since the public beta in November 2021 and have slipped to around 180. The five major Chinese areas of “Hong Kong, Macao, New Malaysia and Taiwan” have just been launched in early December this year, and the current one-month best-selling performance is basically similar to that of Japan and South Korea, but it is a bit “off the chain” in terms of user evaluation. Grand Knights

From the perspective of the countries and regions that have been listed, the Hong Kong, Macao and New Zealand Malaysia region is currently responsible for Qookka Games, a studio of Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, while the Taiwan server is distributed by Blue Bird Interactive Entertainment.

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Taking Hong Kong Service as an example, as of the end of December, Hong Kong Service stores have received a total of 2,768 ratings, with an average score of 3.77, of which 779 are 1-star ratings, and 374 player reviews have been received, including 328 negative reviews.

Grand Knights
The market performance of "Grand Knights" 8

In the discussion thread of the Bahamut community, there are also doubts about the agent Blue Bird Entertainment, as well as players who leave disappointed, and some players even open refund teaching posts to help others refund. The discussion is so hot that it has exceeded the discussion of the game’s content. Grand Knights

Most of the players’ dissatisfaction is focused on the slow handling of bugs by agents, the greatly reduced benefits compared to daily servers, the poor experience of modified activities, and deceiving players. After all, there are references from Korean and Japanese servers, and later Chinese players will think that the game should be more perfect in operation, but the result is diametrically opposite, resulting in a one-sided disadvantage in the game’s reputation.

This can’t help but make people wonder whether Lingxi Interactive Entertainment lacks the localization and distribution experience of agent products, and whether the future national service will repeat the mistakes of the past is also worrying.

“Sword and Knights” is difficult to become a top hit overseas, in fact, it is also related to the product itself.

Npixel has launched the popular card RPG “Seven Knights”, and “Sword and Knights” as an MMORPG genre inherits a lot of Npixel’s development ideas.

In terms of gameplay, “Sword and Knights” can be called a typical “multi-stitching monster”. In addition to the large framework of open world exploration + real-time combat inherited from traditional end games, some common brush copies, hang-ups, PVP arenas, boss battles, etc. are covered, and the gameplay is also varied, such as PVP’s self-propelled chess mode, top-down view war chess in the infinite library, etc., and the automatic pathfinding of the large map has the taste of the classic end game.

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Grand Knights

Grand Knights
The market performance of "Grand Knights" 9

Sewing is not a disadvantage, “all in one” can deepen the rich experience of the game, which belongs to the routine operation of MMOs, but the current heavy genre mobile games are also considering the gameplay design to adapt to fragmented time, “Sword and Knights” reproduces the drawbacks of excessive liver in the end game, and there is no balance in some details, such as hanging up and brushing monsters requires limited physical strength, and the purchase of physical strength has become a controversial point for players. Grand Knights

In addition, the collection of martial souls and artifacts is another krypton gold payment point with a deep gradient, and the growth progress of zero krypton and micro krypton players in the later stage is slowed down, which increases the risk of loss.

All in all, “Sword and Knights” has not escaped the strange circle of Korean MMOs who are “good looking but not fun enough”. Strive for excellence in art, and even invite Yoshitaka Amano to draw game logos and character illustrations, but the gameplay tends to be homogenized, which is very unfavorable in the mobile game market where MMOs are crowded.

What is the future of the national service?

The poor distribution performance of “Grand Knights” in overseas Chinese also exposes a problem for Lingxi Interactive Entertainment: can the theme other than the Three Kingdoms be played?

In terms of the current product lineup of Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, Guangzhou Jianyue’s “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition” is in full swing, ranking in the TOP5 of the total domestic single product revenue list.

This is also the peak of Ali Games’ straightest waist in the game industry for many years. Grand Knights

On the other hand, Lingxi Interactive Entertainment’s “Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent” also has a good performance, which ranked 21st in the November mobile game revenue list calculated by SensorTower, and the parent company Lingxi Interactive Entertainment has long been in the top 10 of China’s mobile game publishers’ revenue list because of the outstanding performance of these two games.

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In addition, the once self-developed product “Wind Continent” was also quite attractive to pan-two-dimensional users, but the distribution right at that time was handed over to Zilong. Guangzhou Jianyue’s new product “Three Kingdoms War Chess Version” (should be codename S6) is also on the way, which is enough to prove the strong self-research ability of Lingxi Interactive Entertainment.

But the domestic market faced by “Sword and Knights” is very different, Japanese MMORPG, that is, the category competition environment of two-dimensional + MMO can be described as very tragic, because “Genshin” opened the curtain of industrial mobile game research and development, a large number of similar projects rushed up, and then died. Grand Knights

According to the “China Game Industry Report from January to June 2022”, the actual sales revenue of China’s two-dimensional mobile game market decreased by 14.63% year-on-year, harvesting 13.497 billion yuan. Among them, the most competitive is the two-dimensional mobile game with MMORPG, open world, and team battle characteristics. Refined, to the subcategory of MMO, the saturated user base is basically distributed in “Final Fantasy 14”, “Genshin”, “Phantom Tower” and other head products, and the barrier is difficult to break, which is the biggest difficulty faced by “Sword and Knights” without a big IP.

epilogue (Grand Knights)

For Ali Games and Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, regardless of domestic and foreign markets, “Sword and Knights” is the first foray into MMOs, and at the same time a cruel release test.


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Grand Knights

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