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how to know if you love her – They say that love often hurts, but we just want to think that no, it doesn’t have to be. Why should it always hurt to love? Because we take the risk of being hurt or betrayed, necessarily? Can’t love just be beautiful and sincere? And if it ever ends, then may it go away gently without hurting. Millions of people suffer because of love, men and women. There are countless testimonials from those who tell how much they have suffered because of a painful story or a complicated breakup. 

Something snaps inside them and they can’t trust anymore. So if you’re lucky enough to be in love and loved back, do it right. If you love it don’t destroy it. Don’t be a lying man, player or manipulator. be a good man , sincere, at the height of the love story that life offers you. 

If you love her don’t destroy her 

A very beautiful quote says “the greatest cowardice of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her”.

Is this your case? This woman you are with, who fell in love with you, do you like her or not? What about your feelings? Do you also love her and are you projecting yourself into a reciprocal love affair with her?


If so, you need to live up to the relationship and just own up to your feelings.

how to know if you love her

Many of us have ideas about what love should be , what it should look like, and how it should feel. Most of the time, these ideas are just plain wrong (we can thank rom-coms for that). As a result, some of us might not recognize the real thing when it comes our way.

It might be because of those great visions of love that have been planted in our minds, but it could also be the result of being hurt too many times in the past and putting up walls when it comes down. It’s about giving love or being able to receive it. .


The fact is that love is a delicate thing. A person can tell you they love you and don’t really mean it, and a person can love you very much but not be ready to say it.


Love, as beautiful as it is, can also be scary, and many of us remain on our guard until we are sure how the other is feeling, in some way not to hurt. The problem is, when you get caught up trying to find out if someone likes you, you can no longer be present in the relationship. Instead of connecting, you’re stuck in your own worried thoughts, and those thoughts produce fears and insecurities that ultimately keep you from getting the love you want. So how do you know if someone is really in love with you? If this person shows these signs, then it’s pretty safe to say that this person is in love with you .

how to know if you love her

how to know if you love her

best signs that this person likes you very much

explore this and discover all you need to know to determine if you love her.

The way people look at you

She looks at you like you’re a unicorn, like she can’t believe you exist. She may even come right up and say, “I can’t believe someone like you exists.”

It’s not a look of lust and desire (although she will surely feel it too!). Instead, it is marked by a certain level of reverence, serenity, and inner calm. This is a look for you only. It’s not just the way she looks at you; it is the frequency. She can’t stop looking at you; whether you’re together or across the room, his gaze will always be on you.

We want to give you (how to know if you love her)

True love is in giving, not taking. This is why parents generally love their children more than their children love them. One would think it would be the opposite. From birth to adolescence (and sometimes beyond!) children take and parents give. Any parent (including me!) will tell you that you never know true love until you have a child, and that’s because that kind of love is all about giving. Nothing will hit you quite like being completely responsible for helpless tiny people!


When you love someone, you want to give them everything you have. It is not about material goods. You want to give by being the best you can be, you want to make him happy, improve his life, you want to do things for the other person that will make him happy. Love is not just a feeling; it is a verb that manifests itself in actions. The greatest action that indicates a person loves you is when they give you everything they can.

We treat you as a priority

Everyone is busy; we all have work, school or other commitments. When someone loves you, they will make spending time with you a priority. And if she really doesn’t have time, she’ll be sure to let you know when she is. When someone loves you, you are the most important person in their life and they make sure to make room for you in their life . You are not an afterthought or a plan B. You are unique to this person.


We want to immerse ourselves in your life

This person wants to meet your family and all your friends, and he really wants them to like him. She makes an effort to get to know them and make a good impression. She wants to know all about your passions and hobbies and tries to connect as much as possible with these areas of your life. At the same time, she also wants to immerse you in her life and make you meet all those people who matter to her.

She wants you to be best friends with everyone she is close to and she wants the people in her life to love you like she does. More than that, she includes you in her bigger life plan. She doesn’t talk vaguely about the future; instead, she makes it clear that she envisions a future with you .


We really see you as you are

This person notices things about you that others don’t (maybe they even see things you don’t!). She notices how you interact with others, how people feel around you, how your mind works, how you process emotions, how you express yourself. She pays attention to all the little details and she remembers them. She appreciates the full extent of who you are, the good and the bad.

She doesn’t just like you, she likes things about you. Truly loving people isn’t about loving how they make you feel (although many people believe that’s love), it’s about loving them for who they are at heart. This kind of love has nothing to do with the quality this person makes of you. That’s not to say that someone you love can’t or won’t make you feel good about yourself, but you can’t really love people just because they make you feel good. It’s a very selfish kind of love, a love that feeds your need to feel good in the moment, not a deep, life-changing love.

When someone really sees you, they see not only everything you are but everything you want to be, and they’ll let you know when you’re failing. The trap ? It can make you feel bad about yourself. If you are a jerk to strangers, treat a friend badly, or fail to meet your obligations in some way, someone who loves you will let you know. It may not feel good, but it is a sign that you are really seen and cared about.

Your happiness is as important to the other as their own happiness.

Your happiness is perhaps even more important! When you love someone, their happiness is your happiness . This is especially true for because you need to feel that you can make someone happy. If you tell this person that something is making you unhappy and they continue to do so, that is not a sign that this person is in love with you. A person who loves you will avoid doing things that make you unhappy and will learn what makes you happy, and they will make an effort to do those things.


This person misses you when you’re apart.

People generally fall in love in the absence of a person, not in their presence. A person can give you all the love in the world while they’re with you because it’s nice to be with someone else and connect and be affectionate, but what’s that person like when she’s not with you? Does he miss you? Does she make an effort to reach out? Or does she disappear for days and tell you she’s sorry she was just “super overwhelmed”?


When you love someone, you long for their presence and miss you when that person is gone. It doesn’t mean that you constantly think about that person every minute, because that would be an unhealthy obsession, not love, but the thought always stays in the background. Things remind you of this person, something is happening and you want to tell the other, you just feel a constant connection even when you are apart. When someone is in love with you, they will stay in touch. She’ll send you funny things she finds online or links to articles she thinks you might like, or she’ll tell you something funny that happened to her that she thought you’d enjoy.

We’ll keep you posted (how to know if you love her)

I remember very early in my relationship with my husband, I knew he really cared about me because he always kept me in the loop, even when it wasn’t necessary. For example, before our third date, I texted him to confirm the time and he didn’t respond for about 45 minutes and when he did he apologized for the delay and said said he was with friends and not checking his phone.

I don’t consider 45 minutes to be that important in time and I don’t need an explanation, but it made me feel pampered and it showed me that he thought of me as someone important and didn’t want me to think the rest was more important. He was constantly doing thoughtful things like that, and that’s how I knew he loved me long before he even told me. When someone loves you, they will never let you wait . She will keep you informed of what she is doing, not because she has to, but because she wants to.


This person is there for you even when things are not going well.

Being in love is easy when things are going well, but what happens when you hit a rough patch or when you need the other person? How does this person react when there is a problem, when they need to be there for you even though there are other things they would rather do? Love is cantered on others; it’s not about one’s own needs and wants, but about someone else’s consideration . When someone loves you, nothing will be more important than being there for you when you need them. It may not always be their ideal scenario, but they will commit and be there.

This person is not giving up

She pulls out all the stops in the relationship and is truly committed to making it work. When you love someone, you don’t stop without a fight.

I remember at the beginning of my relationship with my husband, many of my deep fears in my relationship began to bubble to the surface. I had been blinded by breakups in the past; Men told me they loved me, then they left me. It’s hard to forget such things and clean the slate clean.


Even though this relationship was totally unlike anything I had ever experienced, those fears persisted. I remember a conversation where I told him about this, and he told me that if this relationship did not last, it would be a mutual separation and we would both see it coming. He wasn’t just going to leave; he was going to put everything he had. He did it and so did I, and luckily it all worked out!


how to know if you love her

If a person tells you they love you but doesn’t want to try anymore, or gives up because they think it’s too hard, then it probably wasn’t true love. You don’t give up on love if you haven’t put everything you have into making it work, and that just wasn’t possible (and that’s something both people will usually be able to clearly recognize).

There are obviously times when someone can really love you, but because you’re just not right for each other, or maybe because you’re not ready to make the necessary effort, this person will walk away even if he loves you, but only after giving everything.

You don’t care how this person feels, you know that.

If someone loves you, you know it. It is obvious to you and to everyone around you. You will have a sense of peace and calm and knowing.

When someone truly loves you, their behaviour and the way they are with you will not cause you to feel insecure/fear/anxious/worried (as long as you yourself are healthy If you are inclined to feel these feelings no matter what, then they are probably generated within you).


how to know if you love her

how to know if you love her

Yes, if you love her don’t destroy her. Do not waste this love that life gives you. Do not damage this woman who only wants to make you happy.

If you’ve been together for a while, you probably know all or part of his romantic past. You know what are his faults, his weaknesses, his fears but also his hopes . Maybe she’s suffered enough already in the past.

A man may have hurt her. But if she is with you, it is because she has decided not to turn her back on love. To not let this man win and to open his heart once again.

She deserves to be treated well. She trusted you, so it’s up to you to prove to her that you’re worthy .

Maybe it was you who suffered in the past. Maybe it’s your suffering that damaged you, but she’s not responsible. In love, you have to be with the other by desire and not by need . So don’t pretend to love her, just so she can help you carry your emotional baggage, that heavy burden.

To be able to truly love him, you must be at peace, rid of your old fears, your old anger, all these negative emotions. They only damage your current love.

Don’t use her, don’t confuse love with attachment , don’t be together out of emotional dependence or manipulation.


You are not here to heal each other from past hurts or make each other pay. But indeed to truly love you.

She deserves it as much as you so if you love her don’t destroy her.

Do not put suffering in the middle of your story, at the centre of this relationship, but rather trust and respect.


No, love doesn’t have to hurt. You have chosen to live this story together, to overcome your personal and common pasts by giving love another chance. Don’t mess it up.

You have chosen to love each other with your faults, your doubts and your fears, with your respective imperfections. No one said that in love you have to be perfect. No one said it would be easy every day either.


But this woman who loves you and whom you love has decided to give herself entirely to you. His body, his heart, his soul, his emotions and his feelings.

Of course, when we give someone our trust and love, we also give them the power to break our hearts. Because to love is to leave to the other the possibility of hurting us and therefore of destroying us. how to know if you love her

Don’t fall into that. Don’t be one of those people, those men who don’t know how to love without hurting, who think that loving is necessarily manipulating, dominating, damaging. No, don’t be one of those.

If you really love her, watch her Think of Her When She’s Not There and realize how lucky you are to share this story with her. It’s not given to everyone today to experience sincere and reciprocal love, to make plans with someone and to have confidence.

So don’t screw it up because you’re scared or because you want to stay in control for the wrong reasons. Learn to let go , to trust her as much as she trusts you. Be a man who is not afraid to love, who is not afraid to commit. Who is not hiding behind all this.


Don’t break her heart, don’t hurt her, just love her, learn from how to know if you love her

We don’t say that your love will last forever. Nobody can know it but we can love each other without destroying each other. If one day your story has to end, you won’t have to break everything. Tell yourself, whatever happens, that it’s always better to remain a good memory of a woman than her worst nightmare. 

In the meantime, love her, love yourself. Make your couple a real couple goal , your relationship the most beautiful love story possible.


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how to know if you love her

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    nice article, please can you also write about love languages so that i can easily know how she feels about me without her knowing. thanks for this great article

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