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Ladies of Soul cancel concerts – The concerts that the Ladies of Soul would give in September in the Ziggo Dome have been cancelled. The group said in a statement that the promotion of the event was complicated by the supermarket incident with Glennis Grace.

In the end, it was decided that it was not possible to give the show that Edsilia Rombley, Candy Dulfer and Berget Lewis would have liked.

The artists say that it was a difficult choice to cancel the shows of 23 and 24 September. “The negative publicity surrounding the incident in which Glennis became involved, while the cultural sector is still recovering, has made the much-needed promotion for the concerts difficult for more than three months,” they explain.

In the statement, it can be read that Grace last week offered to withdraw from the formation. However, that did not save the concerts. “Due to all the developments and after intensive consultation with specialists and advisors, it is not feasible to produce the spectacular shows that you are used to from us in the short term.”


The Ladies of Soul assure that this does not mean the end of the group. “We hope to come back better than ever with a fantastic new show.” Eventim will contact people who were in possession of tickets for the two concerts.

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Grace was arrested at the end of February together with her fifteen-year-old son and a third person after a violent incident in the Amsterdam supermarket.

The singer was arrested after she had come to get a story because her son would have been attacked in the store.

He had lit an electronic cigarette and had been approached about it. Grace is due in court in October.


Ladies of Soul cancel concerts: ‘Promotion difficult due to Glennis incident’


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