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Ticketmaster – Ticketmaster’s website is struggling with technical problems on Wednesday, forcing the ticket seller to postpone ticket sales for Bruce Springsteen concerts. On Thursday 2 June at 11.00 am the sale will resume.

On social media, hundreds of Springsteen fans are complaining about the problems at Ticketmaster. Ticket sales for concerts of ‘The Boss’ in Landgraaf and Amsterdam started on Wednesday at 10.00 am.

Many customers who had made it through the queue reported that they had to deal with an outage during payment. As a result, the sale could not be completed.

Ticketmaster does not disclose what caused the problems, but has acknowledged them in several posts on Twitter. “We find this very annoying and are working hard to solve this,” the company wrote around 10:30 a.m.


Later it turned out that the technical failure persisted to such an extent that the sale had to be postponed. “Just like the Bruce Springsteen fans, we are also very disappointed with this,” reports Ticketmaster. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

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The online queues are long. People who didn’t make it through the checkout process as a result of the outage say they were then put back in the queue. They sometimes had more than 100,000 others in front of them. “Bruce Springsteen” concerts

Ticketmaster outage leads to postponement of Bruce Springsteen ticket sales


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