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Heard wants to appeal and Depp is on TikTok – Johnny Depp and Amber Heard heard the jury’s verdict in their defamation cases a week ago, but the two haven’t really been able to let it go yet. More than a week after the decision that Depp gets 10 million dollars from his ex and Heard 2 million dollars from the actor, the former couple is clearly still working on it. This has happened in the meantime.

The verdict had only just been known or both Depp and Heard had already given an official response. Heard was disappointed as expected and Depp happy.

Soon after, it became clear that the actress is considering an appeal, although that has not yet been officially announced by her or her lawyers. Depp would not intend to do so, which, according to legal experts, would not make sense given the outcome.

Those same experts tell Time that Heard would do well to appeal the ruling. Her own lawyer has already said in an interview with NBC that it will be very difficult for Heard to cough up the $ 10 million.

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An appeal also costs money. But with $10 million to pay, it’s smart to try anyway, a lawyer specializing in civil law told Time.

If Heard does indeed appeal, the chance that it can be watched live is a lot smaller. In an appeal, three judges would set the verdict instead of jurors.

A family law lawyer says the case would be really different, although the outcome could be the same. “Most of an appeal would be about judicial arguments, with an audience of judges. Now we looked at a lot of theatre in a case where the audience consisted of a jury of ordinary people.”

Heard wants to appeal

A week after the verdict Heard wants to appeal and Depp is on TikTok

Heard’s lawyer has said that it was actually impossible for the jury to sit in court without a bias. The seven jurors were instructed not to watch news programs, but according to lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, that doesn’t really matter.

“They went home every night, those people have families and those families are on social media. It’s impossible that they haven’t been affected.” Depp’s lawyers have not responded to Bredehoft’s statements.


On social media, Depp received an incredible amount of support, while Heard was lashed out at. Where the hashtag I stand with Amber Heard on TikTok has been viewed about 27.2 million times, #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is 20.3 billion times.

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Heard said during the trial that she was seriously threatened and on Instagram you can find several videos in which short fragments of statements by Heard are criticized. This also happened with Depp, but to a much lesser extent.

In fact, Depp is so happy with the support on social media that he has been a member of TikTok since this week. The actor has managed to gather about eight million followers in about 48 hours.

In his first post, he shared a video that includes footage of fans waiting for him at the court with statements of support. In the accompanying text he thanked everyone for the support. The message has now been viewed more than fifteen million times.


A week after the verdict: Heard wants to appeal and Depp is on TikTok


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