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on Releases Indonesian Cybersecurity Report, Fills in Deficiencies in Digital Threat Studies in the Country

To note, cyber threats and attacks are the biggest challenges for organizations in the world in the digital era as it is today. The reason is that it can threaten the confidentiality of important data and information both at the individual and organizational levels in the organization where we work.

In addition, data and information become more vulnerable to leakage, theft, modification or deletion. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the role of technology in everyday life, making cyber resilience more relevant and important than ever.


Goutama Bachtiar, IT Advisory Director at Grant Thornton Indonesia said that the increase in digital activity during the pandemic was directly proportional to the increase in cyber attacks and threats. The findings were not only in Indonesia, but also globally.

Bachtiar also said that the rampant fraud, fraud and cyber crime was accompanied by findings of a lack of digital literacy regarding cyber security, whether at the community or institutional level, especially users of products and services based on information and communication technology.

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He also mentioned that the most common modes of fraud and cybercrime include hacking (hacking), spoofing (disguise), skimming (information copying), defacing (replacement or modification of web pages), phishing (deception), BEC (business email compromise), and social engineering (social engineering).

In addition, said Bachtiar, the financial sector is a sector industry where cyber incidents and attacks most often occur.


Phishing is a type of cyber attack that is common in Indonesia. This type of cybercrime uses a lot of victim psychology as well as information such as e-mail, telephone, and short text messages aimed at tricking victims into providing sensitive data in the form of electronic money login information, electronic wallets, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), digital banking, and details. debit card and debit card,” said Goutama Bachtiar in a company release. Releases Indonesian Cybersecurity Report, Fills in Deficiencies in Digital Threat Studies in the Country

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