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ChatGPT: what it is and how to use artificial intelligence in your brand
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There are those who call it trend and there are those who say that it is a movement that came to definitively change the way we inform ourselves. The truth is one: regardless of the relationship you intend to have with ChatGPT, it is essential understand what it is and what benefits it can offer for your business.

Let's dive into the universe of artificial intelligence and understand what advances were necessary for ChatGPT to become such a relevant phenomenon.

How did ChatGPT come about?

ChatGPT did not appear overnight. Quite the contrary: he was the result of a long projectwhose main purpose was create an easier and more agile information access channel.


The history of this artificial intelligence is intertwined with that of OpenAI, a laboratory born in San Francisco. The “AI” in the brand name is no coincidence: the nature of the company consists of developing high-tech solutions in this segment.

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It was founded by several personalities, including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston. Even so, the board of directors went through several changes, including the resignation of Elon Musk in 2018. Since then, the entrepreneur has become an investor in the initiative.

Since its creation, ChatGPT has gone through several versions. The first was launched in 2016 and was called Gym, followed by Universe in the same year. Still in 2018, OpenAI got into trouble for launching a program so sophisticated that it could create fake news on a massive scale.

Today, ChatGPT is now available to the public. Still, it is impossible to say that it is in its final version, given that the basis of the system is develop constant improvement.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model capable of delivering both simple solutions for everyday life and generating complex and updated responses about extremely specific topics.

Its biggest difference from current search engines or even virtual assistants is its ability to talk to the audience while learning.

Basically, it is a platform where you can type a question and have a personalized answer, with a very high level of adaptability to your demands.

What can you do on ChatGPT?

Basically everything. The artificial intelligence present in ChatGPT allows for an infinite number of interactions. You can, for example, ask what the weather forecast is for tomorrow in your region, what the prospects are for the winner of the football season this year, what documents you need to prepare to open a company…

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And the most important: you can ask ChatGPT to generate promising content, insights and observations about your brand. It's like having all the expertise of the internet at your disposal to reach an extremely complex level of information.

How to use ChatGPT in your marketing planning?

Let's get to what really matters: how is it possible create original and innovative content using ChatGPT?

As long as you explain what is your companyIt is detail what types of content you need – specifying marketing channels you want to explore, for example – you will get an interesting answer.

Imagine that you own a pet shop and want to increase your sales. To do this, decide that it is time to upgrade your social media. You can use ChatGPT to find topics that can be covered in your post schedule.


See the example:



As you can notice, the platform offers several topic proposals, as requested. Still, we noticed some complications. In item 1, for example, we have a contradiction: we want ChatGPT to encourage an increase in customers and this content could encourage the public to bathe at home.

That's where it comes in the big secret to optimizing the use of ChatGPT: the ability to specify to the right extent. If you know how to give the right commands, the program will give you the ideal answers.

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Did you see? With this detail, ChatGPT was already able to deliver better results. And there are no limits: because the system continues to learn as it is used, you can always feed it with more demands.


Remember if: You need to guide the program to achieve your online advertising goals. Therefore, use and abuse features and guidelines in what is called “prompt”, that is, the command you give to the website.

“Write a relaxed text, of just two paragraphs, aimed at a target audience B with the aim of increasing the sales rate of a pet shop focusing on baths and toys for dogs and cats. It must be objective, but light. It’s worth using slang and highlighting the idea that owners feel like pet parents, reinforcing the brand’s affection and care for each part of the animal cleaning process.”

ChatGPT for email marketing

At this point, you must have already understood the potential of ChatGPT in writing texts. This includes, of course, email marketing texts. When we think about automation, we immediately remember the high demand for content generation to feed all stages of the sales funnel.

But what if we could have ideas and accumulate insights from artificial intelligence? Well: thinking like this, you can already see that content production is going to change significantly.


This leads us to the question: is ChatGPT sufficient to, on its own, feed the entire content agenda of a good strategic marketing plan?

Let's find out together!

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Does ChatGPT replace a marketer?

One of the main controversies surrounding the explosion of ChatGPT is the risk it can pose to marketing professionals. But the truth is that he, alone, it is far from replacing the know-how of an expert on the subject.

After all, in addition to still having several points that require human attentionthe system is not able to understand what your projectionsto determine goals, classify leads It is evaluate possibilities without the assistance of a competent person with knowledge in the area.


For example: ChatGPT can even generate automated text about the benefits of bathing for pets. But before putting it live, it is necessary for someone qualified to read, review, evaluate and check whether the result makes sense to the public.

Another interesting point is the instability that the program currently has. As thousands (or even millions) of Internet users are accessing the site simultaneously, It's common for it to go offline eventually. An alternative to this is the paid version of ChatGPT, which offers priority access to subscribers in cases of peak access.

How to automate your marketing with the help of ChatGPT?

Despite being very interesting for generating content, ChatGPT does not have tools for automating emails, SMS or even Whatsapp. To do this, you need to have a high-level platform that can include the content generated within a complete marketing and sales strategy.

But don't worry, there is still a way to start testing the results of ChatGPT's contribution to your marketing project today. After all, as a gift for getting here, we offer a free trial period of our marketing automation platform!

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With the Streamlineyou expand the possibilities for nurture your leads and send promotions from your Ecommerce for your audience. Furthermore, you have Various features to attract qualified leads and multiply your chances of closing deals.

Now that you know how to use ChatGPT, it's time to also explore the possibilities of marketing automation. Start your test and enjoy!

What do you think about expanding your marketing strategy with Streamline Automation?

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ChatGPT: what it is and how to use artificial intelligence in your brand

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ChatGPT: what it is and how to use artificial intelligence in your brand


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ChatGPT: what it is and how to use artificial intelligence in your brand

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ChatGPT: what it is and how to use artificial intelligence in your brand

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