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What are the top marketing trends for 2023?
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Let's go?

An overview: what's coming?

In modern, busy times, where the internet promotes constant change, how is it possible to predict the transformations that will actually stabilize and impact the scenario, instead of simply disappearing after a while?

Despite being very different from each other, marketing trends have something in common: they all involve adaptation to the busy and disruptive pace of liferespecting and connecting people and environments.


It seems complicated, but it's not! To go viral in 2023, a marketing trend must be easy to use and increase your free time rather than diminishing it. Furthermore, we need to think about the collective, embracing the different realities of the people and places that surround us.

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Understand better with our list of the top ten marketing trends for 2023:

1. Artificial intelligence

It is practically impossible to write an article about marketing trends without mentioning the explosion of artificial intelligence in the market. Although it is not new – the first version of artificial intelligence was developed in the 1950s – this trend has seen significant progress in recent years, especially in terms of automation.

Platforms like GPT Chat have a high capacity to deliver responses and contentincluding the potential to interpret specific requests like “create a list of documents I need to separate to create my company”.


For marketing, this is extremely strategic. After all, you can count on the tool’s help to create or reformulate tactics to increase your reach. Although it does not eliminate the demand for marketing professionals, artificial intelligence is of great help in gaining insights and answering questions.

2. Multichannel Experiences:

Imagine you want to ask a question about a company. You go to her Instagram and, to get in touch with them, you need to access a link in the bio and enter the institutional website. From there, you need to send an email to show interest and only then will you have a direct channel of communication.

Until you do all this, you will probably get frustrated and give up. Multichannel experiences are precisely a solution to this dilemma. With them, you create an integrated journey in which all media formats talk to each other to generate better results.

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It is even worth connecting physical stores and virtual stores to enhance shopping experiences. This is one of the main trends today and for the coming years, precisely because it fits the profile of fluidity and awareness.


3. User Generated Content:

People no longer want to hear about plastered and standard ads. They want truth and identification. They want to know what each customer is saying about a product and what impacts were generated.

Of the comments and ratings Even Stories shared on social media, investing in user-generated content is one of the smartest marketing strategies you can have, precisely because it is free and very efficient.

4. Digital influencers:

It's logical that they are on our list of marketing trends! Digital influencers offer exceptional reach and use influencer marketing as a trigger to strengthen the image of brands and/or products online.


Basically, it's comforting knowing that someone you follow uses the same product or service as you. Everyone loves this feeling of belonging which is why this feature is so promising.

5. Augmented reality:

You can spend hours talking about the experience of living in a property, visiting a place and even participating in a sport. But believe me: not even the most perfect description is capable of bringing an experience as realistic as augmented reality.

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Simple to use, fun and a great way to break the ice: this feature has become essential for companies working on optimization of customer relationship management (also known as CRM), precisely because it allows them to immerse themselves in the proposal you are offering and become enchanted on a new level.


6. Chatbots:

Chatbots are not a replacement tool for personalized service. Quite the contrary: they complement customer relationships. They are able to respond to simple and objective demandsallowing your employees to have more time to deal with more complex issues.

Investing in chatbots can be a profitable solution in the long term, providing a much more complete service channel.

7. Live Videos:

Lives gained relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the truth is that they have always represented a marketing trend that is here to stay.


Fun, light and human, live videos provide the feeling that people and companies are real and genuineas well as giving the public the impression that they are participating in the construction of something in real time.

Whether in the areas of marketing and sales or content generation, lives can be a good alternative for transmitting information and data.

8. Data Marketing

In 2023, having a data-driven strategy is more than a marketing trend: It's a necessity. Having a reliable source of information capture will significantly contribute to increasing your sales, speeding up results and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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It is also important to work on your lead scoring: the score that tracks your potential customers and categorizes them to generate more efficient conversion paths.


9. Suitable automation tool

None of the actions we mentioned will fully work if you haven't thought about marketing automation. After all, you want to scale your business. And to do this, it is necessary to think of a communication model that embraces the most varied customer profiles without having to handle everything manually.

Automation via Whatsapp comes with everything in 2023: more than a technology, it is a solution to monitor the sales funnel completely. Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded applications in the world, especially in Brazil.

Therefore, being available in real time on this platform is a way of committing to the consumer, providing immediate responses without the need to transform your internal operation.

How to explore marketing trends in 2023?

It's up to you to create the best project to put them into practice in an economical and efficient way.


With Dinamize's marketing automation platform, you integrate Ecommerce, CRM, social networks and other systems used to create personalized communication!

You can start your free trial NOW to learn about all the available features! If you prefer, watch the training to check out the main features:

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Several of the trends mentioned here can be achieved through Dinamize, with emphasis on item 9 on our list. After all, we are talking about a brand that has a great automation service via Whatsapp.


What do you think about expanding your marketing strategy with Streamline Automation?

Discover now!

What are the top marketing trends for 2023?

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What are the top marketing trends for 2023?



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What are the top marketing trends for 2023?

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What are the top marketing trends for 2023?


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