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check out today’s forecast (04/15) for your sign – Cities on the Net
-Horoscope 2024: check today’s prediction for your sign, latest updates, discoveries and lots more. Enjoy your stay!!

Sign Image: Aries

Aries (03/21 – 04/20)

Take advantage of this week to bring more comfort and security to your family life. Take care of those you love — generous gestures strengthen emotional bonds and join forces. Promote changes in the social environment or team and rethink objectives. New cycle ahead!

Image of the Sign: Taurus

Taurus (04/21 – 05/20)

Friendships formed at this stage will become stable and lasting. Finish a long cycle and expand your life project. You can change your professional position or even your profession. Pluto in your career area will reveal its power and signal new directions.

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Sign Image: Gemini

Gemini (05/21 – 06/20)

The week brings financial decisions and opportunities. Count on more security, stability and plan new acquisitions. The period will be positive for renewing structures and working methods. Update concepts and surprise with innovations. Achievements ahead!

Sign Image: cancer

Cancer (06/21 – 07/22)

Raise standards and invest in your development. Paths to greater personal and professional fulfillment will be illuminated. Rethink goals and adjust deadlines. Professional relationships are hot — turn on your radar for opportunities. The week will bring more exposure, success and prestige.

Image of the Sign: Leo

Leo (07/23 – 08/22)

Events of the week will reinforce desires for change and new experiences. The search for a better quality of life will guide decisions. Also take the opportunity to get the documentation right. An old dream can come true.

Image of the Sign: virgin

Virgo (08/23- 09/22)

Group activities will gain strength this week. Power and prestige will mark your presence at public events and professional meetings. The phase will be favorable for changes and formalizations. Make wise choices and seek your rights.

Sign Image: Libra

Libra (09/23 – 10/22)

Changes will come for the better this week, which will bring recognition at work and harmony in relationships. Deepen the dialogue with partners, join forces and learn from new references. Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde to clarify doubts and misunderstandings.

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Image of the Sign: Scorpio

Scorpio (10/23 – 11/21)

Take advantage of Mercury's retrograde movement to renegotiate contracts, adjust deadlines and improve your organization. The phase will bring security and harmony in relationships. End past dynamics and take it easy on the family.

Sign Image: Sagittarius

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)

Housing decisions, home maintenance or resuming a project that was paused will move the week forward. Expand work, start activities and invest in more comfort and safety. The period will be positive for reinventing life and increasing your protagonism. Creativity on the rise!

Image of the Sign: Capricorn

Capricorn (22/12 – 20/01)

Discover different pleasures, share dreams, define projects as a couple and create strong emotional foundations for the future. Delicate touches in the decoration of your spaces will create a more beautiful and comfortable environment. Resolve home and family issues and make life easier.

Image of the Sign: Aquarius

Aquarius (01/21 – 02/19)

Communications will be open — expand contacts, sign agreements and resolve commercial issues. Mercury Retrograde will ask for attention to words and concentration on studies. Don't skip steps in a renovation or real estate transaction, details will make a difference.

Image of the Sign: Pisces

Pisces (02/20 – 03/20)

Finally you will begin a phase of stability, pleasure and security. The material and emotional bases will become stronger and provide peace of mind for the future. Mercury Retrograde will demand adjustments in plans and the administration of your resources and possessions. Control expenses.

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Source: Metropolises

check out today’s forecast (04/15) for your sign – Cities on the Net

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check out today’s forecast (04/15) for your sign – Cities on the Net



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check out today’s forecast (04/15) for your sign – Cities on the Net


check out today’s forecast (04/15) for your sign – Cities on the Net

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