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Disney+ launches series

Disney+ is working on a live action series about Eragon, reports Variety. With this, the company responds to the wishes of fans of the fantasy book, who created the hashtag #EragonRemake in 2021. For example, they wanted to convince Disney to produce a series.

The popular fantasy book for young adults is the first part of the four-part The Inheritance Cycle series. The Inheritance Cycle is about the country boy Eragon. He discovers an egg from which a dragon, Saphira, hatches. The two bond and fight evil together.

Mentor Brom teaches Eragon to become a Dragon Rider. Dragon riders were thought to have been exterminated by King Galbatorix. Eragon and Saphira decide to defeat Galbatorix and free the land of Alagaësia from its tyranny.

Disney+ launches series about fantasy book Eragon

After Eragon (2002) the books Eldest (2005), Brisingr (2008) and Inheritance (2011) were published. Some 41 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide. Christopher Paolini, the author of the books, would collaborate on the series. When the series can be seen, is not yet known.


Eragon was already filmed in 2006 with a budget of 100 million dollars (980 million euros). The film yielded about 250 million dollars (more than 245 million euros). Out of disappointment with the film, fans of the books started the hashtag #EragonRemake.

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Disney+ launches series

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