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Donny Roelvink was injured on Monday because he got under a car. That tells the influencer Tuesday morning from the hospital on Instagram. The son of singer Dries Roelvink has, among other things, a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

“While making a video, I ended up under a car,” says the 24-year-old influencer. “It went very fast, I only remember feeling a blow. A few minutes later I woke up in an ambulance.”

Father Dries says that his son recorded a fitness video together with a friend. They wanted to recreate a video of Ronnie Coleman. In it, the bodybuilder is filmed from a car, while he does walking lunges on the street with a dumbbell in his neck.

Donny and his friends made the video monday night in Hilversum. While turning, the friend who was driving a Hummer accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.


As a result, Donny was hit by the car. “He can speak of luck that it was a Hummer,” says Dries. “There is a lot of space under the car. That’s been his luck.” According to the singer, the friend of the influencer is very shocked, Donny does not report the incident.

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‘Danger is in a small corner’

Donny says that “miraculously” he has not been in mortal danger. “It looks intense, but apart from a few broken ribs and a small collapsed lung, it has fortunately not gotten worse than that. I am very shocked, I never expected that we could cause something so fatal with a small idea.”

For that reason, the fitness expert would like to share his story. “The day before yesterday I was barbecuing in the garden. The next day I lie here. That’s a reality check: it can be done in no time.

Danger is in a small corner and that has hit me especially mentally very much,” he continues.


“Despite everything, I’m doing well. I’m going to recover as soon as possible to get back to the old one.”

Donny Roelvink ended up in the hospital after he got under a car

Donny Roelvink ended up in the hospital after he got under a car


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