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Hailey Bieber denies rumor – Hailey Bieber says she didn’t have an affair with Justin Bieber when he was in his previous relationship. Rumor has it that the Canadian singer cheated with her when he was still in a relationship with Selena Gomez.

“When we started hanging out and got into a relationship, he wasn’t in a relationship. That has never been the case,” says the American model in the podcast Call Her Daddy. “It’s not in me to get involved in other people’s relationships. I never wanted that and never would. That’s not how I was raised,” she emphasizes.

“I understand that the timeline of our relationship seems a bit crazy from the outside, but I was already convinced that it was better for Justin and Selena to end their relationship first.

That concludes a chapter. It was then best for Justin to get on with his life, get engaged and get married.”


Hailey Bieber denies rumor

Hailey Bieber finds it difficult to talk about the situation because she doesn’t want to interfere with her husband’s previous relationship. However, she says about it: “I think breaking up and continuing was the most mature and healthiest decision Justin could make at the time.”

After the model and the singer had started a relationship, she had to endure a lot. Fans of Justin Bieber felt that she had “taken” him from his popular ex-girlfriend Gomez.

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