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Well-known influencers must adhere to stricter advertising rules from 1 July



Well known influencers must adhere to stricter advertising rules from 1 July

influencers must adhere to stricter advertising –

Vloggers and influencers with more than 500,000 followers must adhere to stricter advertising rules from 1 July. From that moment on, they fall under the Media Act, reports the Commissariat voor de Media (CvdM) On Tuesday. The organization will also supervise.

From 1 July, Vloggers and influencers must make it clearer whether they will be showing products for a fee. They are also no longer allowed to promote toys extensively in Promoted Videos addressed to children.


Creators are still allowed to show their enthusiasm about products as long as they are not paid for it. If they do receive money for it, then there is advertising or product placement. Influencers who are sponsored should also be clear about this.

Advertising of medical products is prohibited. Content that consists of news or political information should never be sponsored, according to the CvdM.

The new rules will apply to all creators with more than 500,000 followers. They must register with the CvdM and provide information about their company on their account. They must also state there that they are under supervision.


New rules apply to hundreds of influencers

According to a spokesperson, it concerns “several hundred” influencers in the Netherlands. It is likely that in time video uploaders with fewer followers will also have to register.

The CvdM will “carry out risk-based supervision”, according to the spokesman.

It was previously known that the rules would be tightened, as a result of the new Media Act that was adopted in 2020.


All Member States of the European Union must further tighten their media rules so that online content is also subject to supervision.

Well-known influencers must adhere to stricter advertising rules from 1 July


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