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Instagram ceo responds to angry users – Many people recently received an update from Instagram that allows them to see photos and videos that fill the entire screen. Out of dissatisfaction, reviews of one star were handed out en masse in the app stores. Instagram director Adam Mosseri says Tuesday on Twitter that the update is a test, but that the app will focus more on videos in the future,

According to Mosseri, this new version of Instagram is a trial released for a certain percentage of users. “The idea behind it is that this form is more fun and creates more involvement,” he says. “But I want to be clear: it’s not good yet.

We need to improve that before we make it available to the rest of the Instagram users.”

Mosseri also says that Instagram will put more emphasis on videos in the future. The app continues to support photos, but Instagram sees that more and more people are watching and sharing videos. “We have to go along with that.”


After the update, Instagram looks more like TikTok. Users are shown photos and videos in full screen. These messages can be viewed one by one with swipe gestures.

Instagram ceo responds to angry users

On Monday, the criticism of the renewed Instagram was reinforced by the celebrities Kylie Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian. They shared a post that said “Make Instagram Instagram Instagram again”. A linked petition to reverse the changes has already been signed nearly 150,000 times.

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Instagram is trying to keep up with the success of TikTok. First, the app already released Reels, a stream of videos like TikTok has. With the changes, parent company Meta will hope to hold users’ attention for longer.



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Instagram ceo responds to angry users

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