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Snapchat removed filters that allowed users to project a traditional Maori face drawing onto their own face. The filter caused outrage in New Zealand, reports The Guardian Wednesday.

The facial drawings are really only intended for the Maori, the people who first inhabited New Zealand. Each tattoo is unique and contains a kind of code, by which one can recognize the origin and rank of the wearer.

That all Snapchat users could use the same Maori facial drawing was considered offensive and disrespectful by some in New Zealand.

Snapchat removes filters

Parent company Snap has told The Guardian that it has removed two filters with Maori facial drawings. It’s about the original and a duplicate. The social medium has removed the filters following a complaint from a New Zealand reporter.


A spokesperson for the platform says in a response to encourage people to make their own filters. The platform emphasizes that these must comply with the guidelines. This means that the content must not be discriminatory.


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