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Lewis Capaldi suffers from Tourette’s syndrome –

Lewis Capaldi has Tourette’s syndrome. That has the singer Tuesday announced in an Instagram Live session with his fans. The Scottish singer is injected with botox to suppress tics in his shoulder.

“I get convulsions in my shoulder when I’m excited, happy, nervous or stressed,” says the 25-year-old singer. “It happens all the time. One day it’s more painful or uncomfortable than the other.”

“But sometimes it doesn’t happen for months,” Capaldi adds. “It’s not as bad as it looks. At first I thought I had a terrible debilitating disease. So tourette’s fine with me. Other than that, I’m super healthy.”


People with Tourette’s syndrome often develop tics, such as sudden movements and sounds that they have no control over. Examples include blinking quickly, raising shoulders or making short whistling sounds. Only a small proportion of patients curse and curse.

Lewis Capaldi suffers from Tourette’s syndrome

Capaldi is known for his hits Someone You Loved and Before You Go. In recent years, those records also had a listing in the Top 2000. The Scottish singer was in August at Lowlands to see.


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