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Samantha Steenwijk wife’s affair – Samantha Steenwijk and her wife Daisy did indeed go through a relationship crisis a few years ago. That confirms the singer Wednesday after messages from gossip vlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer, who claimed that Daisy would have had an affair.

Steenwijk finds it annoying that details from her private life have come out.

Samantha Steenwijk wife’s affair rumors

“Yesterday, a private situation from our past was made public, which we want to say something about once,” Steenwijk said on social media. “My wife Daisy and I have been together for sixteen years.

Like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. A few years ago Daisy told me that she had cheated. That was very painful and caused a lot of sadness.”


For Steenwijk it is now “a long time ago”. “For us, this is a closed book,” she continues. “If something is true, something is true, although the details of the information that came out were not entirely correct. We would have preferred to keep this private. Picking this up has no added value at all.”

The singer calls the incident “the deepest valley we have been in”. “But we have always believed in our love and have come out of this much stronger.”

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According to Steenwijk, her privacy has been violated “without any social interest being served”. “The fact that there are people who enjoy other people’s suffering and that this is the way we treat each other in our society is the most painful thing,” she concludes. “We are still very happy with each other and intend to stay that way. And by…”



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Samantha Steenwijk wife’s affair rumors

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