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Lil Kleine and Jamie Vaes in Court – Lil Kleine and Jaimie Vaes will face each other again on 17 January next year in the court in The Hague. Jorik Scholten, as Lil Kleine is really called, wants the judge to establish a contact arrangement for Lío, the three-year-old son of him and Vaes.

That confirms both the lawyer of Scholten and the lawyer of Vaes to the ANP after reporting on the juice channel of Yvonne Coldeweijer.

The case is behind closed doors, because it is a family case involving a young child. Kim Beumer, Vaes’ lawyer, confirms that the court was asked by the artist to facilitate contact between him and his son. He wouldn’t see Lío now.

Lil Kleine and Jamie Vaes in Court

The case is only about a contact arrangement with Lío and not about parental authority, which the rapper would like to have over his son.


According to his lawyer, the rapper did acknowledge his son after the birth, but the parental authority was never approved by Vaes. This allows him, for example, to co-decide on important matters such as Lío’s choice of school.

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Because of the abuse case that is currently ongoing, Vaes has not yet approved parental authority. The Public Prosecution Service announced at the beginning of this year that it suspected the rapper of an attempted serious assault of Vaes.

Scholten was arrested in mid-February after images came out showing him clamping Vaes with her head between a car door. As a result, the rapper spent three nights at the police station in Amsterdam. Shortly after the incident, Vaes broke off the relationship. She announced in an interview on television at the beginning of April that she had filed a complaint against her ex.

Also quarrel about distributing things

Scholten and Vaes were already facing each other on Monday morning in the court of Amsterdam to deal with the end of their relationship and to divide items. This included things like expensive watches, pricey shoes and a toaster.


The judge decided that two of the three watches will be assigned to Vaes. The judge could not yet give an opinion on the other items. (Lil Kleine and Jamie Vaes in Court )

Vaes and Scholten were asked to come to a solution together in a suspension, but they were unable to do so. The parties now have until 30 November to reach a solution among themselves.

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Lil Kleine and Jamie Vaes in Court -

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Lil Kleine and Jamie Vaes in Court

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