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Patrícia Leitte – Ex-BBB will be Claudia in the three days of the show, which will be presented on April 6, 7 and 8

Patrícia Leitte

Former BBB Patrícia Leitte changed her look to embody Cláudia, Pôncio Pilate’s wife, in the three days of the show of the Passion of Christ by Eusébio (CE), which will be presented on April 6, 7 and 8. “I’m adapting to this long hair. Ceará is hot, right? ( laughs ). And we’re rehearsing frantically, because there will be three days of the show. I’m very happy for the invitation to play Claudia, such a strong woman. It’s been a challenge . I tried to be inspired by an empowered, daring woman, asking for poetic license for my interpretation”, tells the influencer to Todaysgist.

Patrícia Leitte

Patrícia — who recently started studying nutrition — is thrilled to play a role that she believes is so important in the story of Jesus Christ. “Claudia advises Pilate not to have Jesus crucified. Because he didn’t listen to her, everything happened. So she has great importance in the ‘Passion of Christ’. The show in Eusébio has existed for over 22 years, and in 2023 , the audience is expected to reach 30,000 people. There are almost 2,000 actors on stage, which is why it has become the biggest open-air show in Brazil”, he says.

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This Tuesday (14), the former BBB recorded her lines in the show, directed by Tarcísio Christiane . “I’m very anxious, today I went to the studio to record and I cried with emotion. Today Eusébio’s Passion of Christ became the biggest in Brazil, I dream of being able to do Maria one day. Who knows next year, after I get ready. The Passion of Christ touches me too much”, he melts.

Patrícia Leitte

Patrícia Leitte

Patrícia Leitte

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Patrícia Leitte
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