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Pluga: what it is and how to improve your productivity with the tool
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Works with marketing or salesyou already had to open several tabs to carry out routine tasks and want to increase your productivity? It's time to get to know Pluga.

Believe me: in today's times, when it is crucial to optimize each task on your agenda with as little work as possible, having this system can help significantly. A McKinsey survey showed that employees of a company spend around 1.8 hours a day searching for information.

If that hasn't impressed you yet, think about it this way: they are 9.3 hours per week that could have been invested in concentration and focus on productionbut they ended up becoming bureaucratic, complicated and full of unnecessary processes.

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Now that you understand the situation, let's get to the point: after all, how can Pluga optimize your routine and make you focus on tasks that cannot be automated?

What is Pluga?

It is a platform capable of integrating more than 80 different tools. It ensures that what happens in your Facebook Ads, for example, is automatically updated in a Google spreadsheet.

Did you add a new item to the Notion database? So, Pluga ensures that the event is created directly in Google Calendar.

Instagram, Slack, Todoist, Calendly, Discord, Outlook, Hotmart, Sympla, Shopify, Asana, MercadoLivre, Gmail and Trello are just a few other platforms that can be integrated by Pluga.


Why use Pluga?

The premise is basic, but extremely functional: when something happens in tool A, define an action in the tool. It may seem simple, but it saves a lot of time on a large scale. Want to see?

Imagine you use Asana to manage tasks at your company. However, every time something happens, you need to update a table in Google Sheets. As one of your suppliers uses Trello, you must also open this system to launch progress on the task. And so on…

At the end of the day, there are dozens of open tabs that consume the performance of your devices, confuse your work and create delays for you and your team. All of this could have been avoided with simple solutions like Pluga.

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In addition to avoiding manual work, it does not require any type of technical knowledge. It is not necessary to program any lines, as there is a technology that, by itself, can combine different functionalities and understand combinations based on practical intelligence.


How to connect the tools you want to Pluga?

Authenticating tools at Pluga is very simple. First of all, choose which platforms will be most interesting for your personal use or for your company. Focus on what is most used and demands the most attention.

Once this is selected, simply log in and give permissions so that Pluga can access the systems it uses. With this release, just wait 2 minutes and that's it: your daily life is about to get much easier.

What tasks can Pluga help you with?

Pluga's integrations go far beyond updates. With it, you can manage your internal and external processes. For example: if you manage your tasks in Trello, you can ensure that an incoming flow of demands that comes from another application is routed directly there.

But it is also possible to check and manage your social networks and even automation flows with this difference. After all, Pluga's real-time update allows for a type of automatic report, which will clarify how several of your projects are performing.


At the end of the week, it is worth counting the average time that was saved. Research from Wrike shows that 40% of workers say that searching for information is the task that takes up the most time during working hours. So, the productivity gain from using Pluga should be visible within the first few weeks of using the platform.

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But remember: it is necessary to have an adaptation period so that your employees can understand and adapt to what is new in their routine. A meeting or guide is recommended that shows Pluga’s features and benefits.

How does Pluga see data security?

Once you integrate the tools you want into Pluga, you will realize that it has access to much of your company's internal information. This is inevitable, given that it is a system that depends on data sharing.

But there is no reason to worry: the LGPD (General Data Protection Law – 13,709/2018) It is a recurring topic in the brand's communication and is one of its priorities. After all, the company's own philosophy consists of differentiating between operator and controller.


Although Pluga is the operator of the activities in question, is the user who controls how data is involved in the work routine. There are few situations in which this dynamic is modified and yet, when this happens, everything is done transparently.

How much does it cost to use Pluga?

You may be wondering what Pluga’s costs are for your business. Then comes the best news: there are several packages available for different customer profiles that may be interested in this innovation.

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Pluga offers a free plan with up to three automations and 100 events per month at no cost. Although it is simple, it is worth starting learn about the benefits of the platform and understand how it can impact your business.

If you are interested, it is possible to increase the service and count on up to 40 integrations and 12,000 events per month. This shows Pluga’s versatility and ability to meet large demands.


What is Pluga Webhooks and how does it work?

According to Pluga, this feature acts as a bridge capable of connect data from tools that are not yet part of the platform “hub”. Too much, right?

In this case, unlike the traditional format we presented previously, it may be necessary to change a little programming. But don't worry: it's nothing you can't do.

Once you connect the tools in question, you can integrate via Pluga Webhooks with a few simple steps. Copy the URL that will be provided, make the settings as indicated and that's it: everything will be resolved.

How to integrate Pluga with Dinamize’s marketing automation platform

First, you need to access the Channels > Webhooks menu and choose the desired list. Next, you need to define a name for the webhook, activate it and select the desired platform. Then, it is important to relate the Pluga fields with the fields already existing in the list, choose a marker and copy the generated URL.

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Finally, it is necessary to create and activate the webhook in Pluga, informing the names of the fields that will be sent to Dinamize and mapping the data.

Important: only events that send contact emails are accepted. Check out how to integrate Pluga with Dinamize!

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Pluga: what it is and how to improve your productivity with the tool

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Pluga: what it is and how to improve your productivity with the tool


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Pluga: what it is and how to improve your productivity with the tool


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Pluga: what it is and how to improve your productivity with the tool

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