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SpaceX reportedly paid to cover up musk’s sexual misconduct



SpaceX reportedly paid to cover up musks sexual misconduct

SpaceX reportedly paid to cover up musk’s sexual misconduct – Space company SpaceX has paid a flight attendant 250,000 dollars (converted about 236,000 euros) after she had accused director Elon Musk of transgressive behavior. That writes Business Insider on the basis of interviews and documents.

The incident allegedly took place in 2016 on board one of SpaceX’s business jets. Musk allegedly groped the flight attendant and showed his genitals. He would also have promised the woman a horse in exchange for an erotic massage.

After two years, she filed an official complaint against Musk. According to the woman, her career chances were reduced after the incident. SpaceX then proposed to buy out its employment contract for $250,000, on the condition that it would not disclose anything about the event.


SpaceX has not responded to the allegations. Musk says there’s “a lot more” behind the story. The fact that it is now coming out is, according to him, politically motivated.

“The attacks on me have to be viewed through a political lens, because that’s how it always works,” he wrote on Twitter. “But nothing will stop me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech.”

The businessman is currently negotiating with Twitter about a takeover of the social media company. In recent years, complaints have regularly come out about sexually transgressive behavior at Musk companies. Musk himself was never mentioned.


SpaceX reportedly paid to cover up musk’s sexual misconduct


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