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Waylon admits cheating – Waylon apologized to his girlfriend Bibi Breijman via Instagram on Friday. His statement comes after rumors appeared on various juice channels claiming that the singer cheated during Breijman’s pregnancy.

“I can’t say anything now that makes this lighter for Bibi. The only thing I can say to myself is that I have to seek help for the demons in my head,” writes the singer whose real name is Willem Bijkerk.

He calls his actions “unforgivable” and doesn’t expect his girlfriend to forgive him just like that.

“I want to be a better father than I was a friend. I love my family the most and that’s exactly what I messed up with. The only thing Bibi deserved now is to be able to enjoy her maternity period in peace, and even that I took away from her. I’m a dick. I’m sorry Biebs”, he concludes his message. (Waylon admits cheating)


Yvonne Coldeweijer posted a video on Thursday in which she claimed that the singer cheated during Breijman’s pregnancy. Another juice channel posted screenshots of conversations between Waylon and his, they say, mistress.

Last month, Waylon and his girlfriend became parents to their second child, named Chester. “There you are. You are loved endlessly little man,” the singer wrote with a photo of Breijman holding the boy.

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Daughter Teddy was born in November 2018. From a previous relationship, Waylon has another son.

Waylon admits cheating: ‘I’m a dick, I’m sorry Biebs’


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