weekly sales list “Pokémon” ranked first NS platform dominance

Pokémon (3)

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Pokémon – Japanese physical game software sales list on its official website, and its statistical period: December 19, 2022 ~ December 25, 2022, no new games were on the list this week. “Pokémon: Zhu/Zi” and “Sprae 3” continue to occupy the top two positions. This week’s list is basically full of resident “old acquaintances”. Perhaps it is the New Year abroad, and family games have become everyone’s preferred target.


Pokémon (3)
weekly sales list "Pokémon" ranked first NS platform dominance 4

1 Switch Pokémon: Zhu/Zi 375,665 copies Total: 4,338,931 copies

2 Switch Sprad 3 121,173 copies Cumulative: 3,687,814 copies

3 Switch Nintendo Switch Sports 44,465 copies Cumulative: 887,722 copies

4 Switch Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition 41,887 copies Total: 5,014,375 copies

5 Switch Minecraft 37,935 copies Cumulative: 2,960,006 copies

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6 Switch “Mario + Crazy Rabbit: Star Wish” 25,727 copies Total: 71,900 copies

7 Switch “Dragon Quest: Treasure Hunt Expedition Blue Eyes and Sky Compass” 23,097 copies Total: 198,403 copies

8 Switch “Nintendo Star Smash Bros. SP” 22,148 copies Total: 5,065,191 copies

9 Switch Super Mario Party: Superstars 22,001 copiesCumulative: 1,114,132 copies

10 Switch “Momotaro Electric Railway: Showa Seiwa is also a practice” 20,426 copies Total: 2,782,933 copies


Pokémon (3)
weekly sales list "Pokémon" ranked first NS platform dominance 5


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