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WhatsApp still has a month to adjust unclear conditions



WhatsApp still has a month to adjust unclear conditions

WhatsApp group – European authorities are giving WhatsApp another month to inform users about the app’s terms and conditions in a simpler way. The European Commission has sent WhatsApp another letter urging the chat service to make the rules clearer.

According to the committee, it is mainly about how WhatsApp will inform consumers about updates in the future. This must be done in a way that is easy to understand. “People must be able to make a clear assessment of whether they want to continue using WhatsApp after an update is implemented,” the Commission writes.

Also, the chat service should make it clearer whether people’s data is being used to make money and if so, in what way.


European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders says that he expects WhatsApp to fully comply with European rules on consumer protection. “In an earlier response, WhatsApp showed that it provided users with the necessary information about updates, but for users, the information causes confusion,” he says. “WhatsApp now has a month to prove to consumer associations that its working method complies with consumer legislation.”

What happens if it turns out that WhatsApp falls short of this, is not yet known.

WhatsApp group still has a month to adjust unclear conditions



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