NASA to launch rockets from Australia again after 27 years


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NASA – The American space agency NASA will launch rockets from Australia again, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Wednesday. It is the first time in 27 years that this has happened.


Between June 26 and July 12, three rockets will be launched from the Arnhem Space Centre in the Northern Territory, a facility of the commercial company Equatorial Launch Australia.

It will be the first launch from a commercial facility outside the United States in the history of the space agency. And also the first NASA rocket launch from Australia since 1995.

The rockets are used to investigate heliophysics (the nature and influence of the sun) and planetary scientific phenomena. “With the launches, we can investigate how the light from a star can affect the habitability of a planet, among other things,” said Nicky Fox, director of NASA’s heliophysics branch.

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The rockets travel some 250 kilometers “toward the sky” to “collect data about the sun and its relationship to Earth,” Albanese said.

NASA to launch rockets from Australia again after 27 years


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