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After all, can we trust complaints? » Insights Portal
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It's common for business owners and marketing professionals to do a search on Reclame Aqui before hiring V4 Company's services – and that's great.

Reclame Aqui can be considered one of the greatest allies of the Brazilian consumer, whether to research a company's reputation, assess the risk of scams, or even get a sense of what the service is like, as companies' responses and resolution of complaints are also recorded.

But is the fact that V4 Company has dozens of complaints on Reclame Aqui a negative point? After all, can we trust V4 Company, even though it has so many complaints?

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That's what we're going to discuss in this text.

V4 Company at Reclame Aqui: A sign of popularity, not necessarily quality

Having complaints on Reclame Aqui is not necessarily a sign of low quality. Every large and popular company will eventually have complaints on the website. Think, for example, of Apple, Amazon and several other companies recognized for their high level of service quality…

All of them, without exception, have thousands of complaints on Reclame Aqui.

This is because with popularity comes a greater number of consumers, and with a greater number of consumers, inevitably, more problems will arise.


Apple, a company best known for its power of innovation, leader in several markets and with a market value greater than 10 TRILLION reais, has no less than 3900 complaints on Reclame Aqui.

V4 Company, for example, at the time this text is being written (August 2023) has already served around 15,000 customers, and 55 complaints on Reclame Aqui. This means, in percentage terms, that only 0.3% of companies that have already been served by the agency registered a complaint.

In other words, having complaints on Reclame Aqui has more to do with the popularity of V4 Company than the quality of the service itself.

How to evaluate the quality of V4 Company or other digital marketing services

Whether evaluating V4 Company or any other digital marketing agency, it is essential to consider factors other than the complaints on Reclame Aqui.

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Firstly, you need to look at the results that the company delivers. In the case of a digital marketing company, you must evaluate what the company's cases show you about its potential return on investment (ROI).


Consider the company's reputation in the market. Look for references from current and former customers, and take into account their opinion about the quality of the service.

Also evaluate the company’s transparency and communication. A quality company will be transparent about its strategies and results. Especially in digital marketing, it is common to see companies promising miraculous results, and sometimes they even “guarantee” that their return is guaranteed, and this simply does not exist.

Response agility and resolution percentage in Reclame Aqui are signs of quality

While the presence of complaints on Reclame Aqui may be another indicator of a company's popularity, the speed of response and the percentage of complaints resolved can actually reflect the quality of its customer service.

A company that responds quickly demonstrates professionalism and appreciation for its consumers, as well as a concern for solving problems proactively. A quick and complete response also indicates that the company has a good customer service system and is committed to its reputation.


Even more important than the agility of response is the percentage of complaints resolved. This indicator shows how many of the registered complaints were actually resolved by the company.

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A high resolution percentage suggests that the company not only responds, but also seeks to resolve.

In contrast, a low resolution percentage can be a warning sign, indicating that the company may not be effectively bothering to resolve the problems.

In conclusion, when evaluating the customer service quality of a popular company such as V4 Company, it is most important to pay attention to the speed of response and the percentage of complaint resolution.

Every company that reaches a minimum level of popularity will, sooner or later, have complaints on Reclame Aqui. Whether evaluating V4 Company or any other company, evaluating the timeliness and quality of responses are much more important signs of quality than the number of complaints itself.


To find out more, I recommend this text where I share my experience being a V4 Company franchisee.


After all, can we trust complaints? » Insights Portal

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After all, can we trust complaints? » Insights Portal

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After all, can we trust complaints? » Insights Portal


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After all, can we trust complaints? » Insights Portal

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